31 October 2013, 17:07

Hockey star Varlamov’s arrest in US is effort to weaken Russian Olympic team - State Duma

Russian hockey player Semen Varlamov

Russian hockey player Semen Varlamov

Russian hockey player Semen Varlamov

Russia does its best to resolve the situation with hockey player Semen Varlamov, Igor Ananskykh, head of the State Duma Committee for Physical Culture, Sport and Youth Affairs let me, has announced.

"The situation is really strange, given that the Sochi Olympics will take place soon and Varlamov is a candidate to become part of our national hockey team which we do count on. What about presumption of innocence? It’s not normal at all. Varlamov will fall out of the training process which will have an impact on his readiness before the Olympics in Sochi. The first thing that comes to my mind is that it is an effort to weaken our national team," he said.

Russian puckster Varlamov arrested in US

The Russian goalie of the Colorado Avalanche NHL club, Semyon Varlamov, has been arrested by police in Denver, Colorado, on charges of domestic violence.

Varlamov has come to a precinct and turned himself in to the police. He is currently held at a Denver jail, the local media report.

He's been placed in a single-confinement cell because of his prominence in the United States. Varlamov is charged with second-degree kidnapping and a third-degree assault on a person he knew. He is facing a two-year to six-year prison term on kidnapping charges.

The hockey player will remain in custody until a court meeting because the charges against him do not stipulate for a release on bail. A Denver court meeting is due to begin this Thursday at 10 am local time, or 8 pm Moscow time.
The girl who suffered from the Colorado Avalanche Russian goalie's violent action happened to be his sexual partner, media report with reference to the Denver police.

Russian model Vavrinyuk assaulted by hockey player Varlamov

Russian Model Evgeniya Vavrinyuk is said to have been assaulted by hockey player Semen Varlamov, mass media inform.

Earlier, there were reports that the Denver police had arrested goaltender of the Colorado Avalanche and the Russian national team Semen Varlamov.

Varlamov's girlfriend rushed to hospital after battery complaints

The girl called Evee, who said she had been assaulted and battered by the Russian goalie of the Coorado Avalanche NHL club, Semyon Varlamov, has been rushed to hospital, according to the CBS television network.

According to the girl’s lawyer, she said Varlamov was intoxicated on Monday, adding that that was by no means the first time he had treated her roughly. He pushed her against a wall so violently that she got bruised and fell on the floor. The girl was then rushed to hospital.

"Can you imagine a 45-kilo girl 1 metre 60 centimetres tall effectively resisting the assault of a 95-kilo perfectly trained athlete?" the lawyer asked.

The Russian is likely to be invited to the National Olympic Team, since he is a leading NHL goalkeeper, according to the saves statistics (0.945). Colorado Avalanchewon seven of the eight games of the season that Varlamov took part in.

Next, the Colorado team is due to take on the Dallas Stars in an away game on November 1st. Varlamov is Avalanche's first-string goalie. This season, he has played eight games out of the eleven, with his team winning seven times and losing just once. Colorado Avalanche has said in a statement that they are aware of the charges filed against Semyon Varlamov and will abstain from commenting on the situation, according to the NHL official website.

Meanwhile, Alexander Varlamov, the father of the Colorado Avalanche NHL club goalie Semyon Varlamov, has said that his son has committed no crime whatsoever and that the media have played up the situation. Let’s see what the court says first and then anyone is free to comment on all that, he said. Varlamov Sr. said he would not further elaborate on what happened because "the lawyer would be utterly displeased".

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