26 October 2013, 16:21

Stop Watching Us in Europe: Germans protest in Cologne against surveillance

Protest against US surveillance is underway in Germany. Dozens of people gathered in the square next to the central railway station in Cologne. (PHOTO)

Mass demonstration against national and international US surveillance was called by Stop Watching Us alliance in Cologne. 


Photo: Jürgen Ertelt

Earlier the German government has received information that US intelligence is spying on the mobile phone communications of Chancellor Angela Merkel.


Photo: Jürgen Ertelt

Despite President Barack Obama on Wednesday sought to assure German Chancellor Angela Merkel that the United States are not monitoring her communications after she raised the issue with Obama, German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle has summoned the US ambassador for talks.


Photo: Jürgen Ertelt

Meanwhile, US spy scandal is spreading around the world. According to the last Snowden info leak there is materials about US intelligence activities against Russia.


Photo: Jürgen Ertelt

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