9 October 2013, 10:22

Border control tightened ahead of Sochi Games - FSB

бортников глава фсб совещание

Alexander Bortnikov

Alexander Bortnikov

Russian special services are tightening control over the state border ahead of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games to prevent entrance to militants, including from Syria, and the smuggling of gear for staging terror attacks, said Federal Security Service Director Alexander Bortnikov.

The work to upgrade the infrastructure of border checkpoints on the possible routes of arrival for militants, including from the Afghan-Pakistani zone and Syria, and the movement of gear for staging terror attacks, is nearing completion, " Bortnikov told the National Anti-Terrorism Committee in Sochi on Tuesday.

He said foreign partners are rendering serious assistance in security maintenance in connection with the Sochi Olympic Games.

An international conference will be held in Sochi in November to be attended by representatives of foreign special services and law enforcement agencies, he said.

"All of the government agencies concerned, participants in the Olympic constriction projects and owners of the Olympic facilities are taking exhaustive security measures to protect the property," Bortnikov said.

Exercises and tests are held to check the security forces' readiness, sufficiency and ability to react to emergencies, he continued.

Fifteen drills have been held since 2011, and seven of them have been conducted in Greater Sochi, Bortnikov said.

The FSB and the interagency operations headquarters are to hold an Olympiad 2014 operational - strategic exercise at 270 Olympic facilities.

"Our goal is to polish interaction between all anti-terror services and, if necessary, to adjust the alignment of forces and means. The training stages must be dovetailed with the schedule of commissioning Olympic facilities," he said.

After the drills are over, all the ministries and agencies concerned are required to report to the National Anti-Terrorism Committee about when they will be ready to go on standby readiness, Bortnikov said.

Voice of Russia, Interfax

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