1 October 2013, 12:04

Ku Klux Klan hate group to rally against Barack Obama at US Civil War site

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The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) has been given a permit to hold a gathering at a renowned Civil War battlefield, US authorities have said. The white supremacists are going to demand removal of US President Barack Obama from office.

A Maryland-based group of KKK plan on staging the event on the afternoon of October 5 at Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania. It’s the site of the infamous July 1863 Civil War battle that killed close to 50,000 soldiers on both sides. The battlefield is also known as the site of the Gettysburg Address, a short but famous speech by President Abraham Lincoln in which he envisioned "a new birth of freedom" for America out of the ashes of the war.

Richard Preston, leader of the Confederate White Knights of KKK, said his group's main initiative is kicking US President Barack Obama out of office. According to him, Obama never had proven his US citizenship. “We're out for either his impeachment or proof that he isn't a U.S. citizen,” Preston said.

Park officials said US freedom of speech rules required them to make the site available to the group.

News of the planned KKK rally at Gettysburg of course has sparked outrage among local residents.

"To have the KKK come here is obnoxious,” said Bill McCallister, whose great-great-great grandfather fought at Gettysburg, reports. “To speak with as much emotion as I can get without swearing ... to me it's abhorrent they would come to this battlefield to do anything," McCallister said.

“There’s a limit and I think our forefathers thought there would be a limit,” Mcallister added. “And we’ve gone way beyond those bounds in my opinion.”

In response to the KKK event, the Adams Unity Coalition – comprised of more than 20 community groups in Adams County, Pa. – is organizing an alternative rally across town.

Live music and speakers will promote unity and diversity, said organizer Ashley Andyshak Hayes of the Gettysburg YWCA.

“This isn’t what Gettysburg is about,” said Anyshak Hayes, criticizing the agenda of the white supremacists' event. “It is hallowed ground. It has an important place in our national history.”

Gettysburg National Military Park is located in central Pennsylvania near the Maryland border. The Battle of Gettysburg is considered to be a turning point in the Civil War.

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