23 September 2013, 14:35

Russia to demonstrate its naval potential in India

Большой противолодочный корабль Адмирал Пантелеев которым Тихоокеанский флот ТОФ

Russia will demonstrate the newest samples of its naval equipment at the first naval and maritime expo, NAMEXPO-2013, to take place at the port of Cochin, India on September 23-27. Under the aegis of Rosoboronexport such leading companies of the United Shipbuilding Corporation as naval equipment Design Bureau Rubin, Malakhit Company and the scientific and production group Mars are showing their products in India.

The new specialized salon will become a good platform for the demonstration of Russia's potential. Today India has set for itself the ambitious task of strengthening its national naval forces, says Vyacheslav Davidenko, the official spokesman of Rosoboronexport, in his interview to the Voice of Russia:

“As a reliable strategic partner Russia is ready for comprehensive cooperation in order to achieve all the plans set forth. At the expo Russia is planning to discuss the specific steps to deepen the cooperation with the Indian state and private producers of naval equipment. Joint design and production of new ships could be one of the promising directions of such cooperation”.

Over the 45-year term of the Russian-Indian cooperation in the naval area over 70 battle ships have been built for India, says Vyacheslav Davidenko:

“At present Russia assists India in designing and equipping the ships being built in India with Russian systems. This includes the destroyers of the 15A and 15B project, frigates as well as an aircraft carrier of the project 71. In addition, the Sevmash Company is completing its testing of the Vikramâditya aircraft carrier. It is expected to be transferred to the Indian side in November this year”.

At the expo Rosoboronexport exhibits its frigates of the 11356 design. India pays special attention to frigates as a part of the upgrade program for its Naval Forces. Russia handed over to India in 2012 two ships of that design: the Teg (the ‘Sword’) and the Tarkash (the ‘Quiver’). Then the third frigate Trikand (the ‘Bow’) was commissioned as well. Altogether six vessels of the 11356 design have been built for the Indian Navy in the Russian shipyards, says Andrei Frolov, editor-in-chief of the Arms Exports magazine:

“Those frigates have earned a good reputation with the Indian Navy. The Russian industry is building them quite fast and at an affordable price. In other words, based on the quality for the money factor, it is perhaps one of the best options India can afford. It would be more expensive to buy frigates from the West; plus they would have to be adjusted to the Indian systems, which would also cost money and require time”.

It is noteworthy that the frigates Teg, Tarkash and Trikand are fitted with the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile complex of a joint Russian-Indian design. During the expo Rosoboronexport will conduct negotiations with its partners in Southeast Asia, where potential buyers are showing great interest in the Russian patrol boats, Gepard-class frigates, the Bastion shore-based missile complexes and ship-based missile defense systems.

Along with the Russian companies over 50 of the largest arms producers and military equipment manufactures from Great Britain, France, the US, India, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Israel are to take part in the work of the NAMEXPO-2013.

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