20 September 2013, 19:34

US House passes bill to kill Obamacare, avert government shutdown

Нижняя палата конгресса США палата представителей

The US House of Representatives on Friday passed legislation to fund federal agencies from October, 1 to December, 15 while also derailing the healthcare law known as "Obamacare."

In a partisan vote of 230-189, the Republican-controlled House sent the measure to the Senate where Democrats hold a majority and will try to delete the Obamacare provision and send the spending bill back to the House for passage by September, 30 in order to prevent government shutdowns the following day.

The US government came a step closer to a feared shutdown of its operations as the US House of Representatives passed Friday a short-term budget bill that would also defund President Barack Obama's signature health care law.

Majority Republicans however had tied the spending measure to stripping of funds from Obama's health care law that is also due to go into effect October 1, setting up a showdown with the Democratic-controlled Senate. Obama has vowed to veto the measure if it were to pass.

If the upper and lower chamber cannot come to agreement on a budget measure by October 1, the government would run out of money to operate, forcing a damaging shutdown of most of its operations.

Voice of Russia, Reuters

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