16 September 2013, 10:19

Crew of nuclear submarine Tomsk was not hurt by fire - source

приморье пожар апл томск задымление

The crew of the Project 949-A submarine Tomsk, which caught fire in the floating dock of the plant Zvezda (Bolshoi Kamen, Primorye) left the sub on time and no one was hurt in the fire, the Main Headquarters of the Russian Navy said.

"The crew left the submarine immediately after some appeared between its compartments. There is currently no one inside the sub, there is no fire and no smoke," the source said.

The source also specified that the fire occurred on the nuclear submarine Tomsk, not the nuclear submarine Irkutsk, which is in Kamchatka.

Fire on submarine Tomsk could have been caused by violations of welding rules - Russian Defense Ministry

The Russian Defense Ministry has created a special commission to investigate the fire on the nuclear submarine Tomsk, which was undergoing maintenance work on the shipbuilding enterprise Zvezda (Primorye Territory), the press service and information department of the Russian Defense Ministry has reported.

"A commission has been created to determine the cause and circumstances of the fire. According to tentatively information, the fire was caused by violations of welding rules," according to the report.

The Defense Ministry recalled that the nuclear submarine Tomsk caught fire while undergoing maintenance work in the dock of the shipbuilding enterprise Zvezda on September 16.

"When the fire was found, the crew was removed from the dock. No one was hurt," the report says.

The ministry said the maintenance work on the submarine began in 2009 and it has been in the Zvezda dock since 2012.

"The nuclear reactor was shut down before the submarine was placed into the dock and the weapons were removed from the sub," the report says.

Firefighters work on putting out fire on nuclear submarine Irkutsk

Firefighters are putting out the fire on the nuclear submarine Irkutsk, which is under construction at the plant Zvezda in Bolshoi Kamen, Primorye.

A source in the administration of the Pacific Fleet said that the submarine is located in the floating dock Pallada.

"There is smoke between solid and light compartments. The situation inside is normal. They are now pouring water between the compartments," the source said.

Fifteen firefighting brigades (ten from the Pacific Fleet and five from the Emergency Situations Ministry) are working on the sub.

"The submarine is under construction. The fire occurred on Monday morning during welding," the source said.

Voice of Russia, Interfax

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