13 September 2013, 13:24

EXPO-2020 will give new impetus to regional development – Roizman

Экспо 2020 Экспо-2020 Екатеринбург логотип большой

Any major international exhibition invariably gives a strong impulse to regional development, the recently elected Yekaterinburg Mayor, Evgeny Roizman, said in a live programme of the Komsomolskaya Pravda radio station.

Yekaterinburg seeks the right to host the 2020 World Universal Exhibition, with voting set to take place at the General Assembly of the International Exhibition Bureau in Paris in November.

According to Roizman, it will be good if a decision to hold the 2020 World Universal Exhibition is made in favour of Yekaterinburg. The Russian city is running against Dubai and Izmir, but, Roizman added, the decision is made at the topmost federal level.

The 1887 Siberia and Ural industrial exhibition in Yekaterinburg gave a powerful impulse to the local industries and crafts, and proved an important event for Russia in general, Evgeny Roizman said.

EXPO-2020: Yekaterinburg no stranger in hosting high-profile international events

The Russian city of Yekaterinburg in the Central Urals wants to play host to the EXPO 2020 World Exposition. Appearing on the fringes of the St Petersburg summit of the G20 Friday, the Governor of Yekaterinburg’s Region of Sverdlovsk Yevgeni Kuivashev unveiled the city’s bid to the media.

Kuivashev said Yekaterinburg is no stranger to hosting high-profile international exhibitions.

In 2018, the city’s main stadium will become a venue of the World Football Cup.

Photo contest in support of Ekaterinburg’s hosting EXPO 2020 announced

The EXPO 2020 Bid Committee is inviting everybody who loves Ekaterinburg and wishes the Ural capital success in its bid to host the World EXPO 2020 to take part in the photo contest “I support Ekaterinburg’s hosting EXPO 2020”.

We are waiting for photos in support of Ekaterinburg’s bid to host EXPO 2020 to come in. Please do your utmost to show us that you love Yekaterinburg, that you are “voting” for EXPO 2020 taking place in Ekaterinburg and that Ekaterinburg should be granted the honour of hosting EXPO! Send us the photos of Ekaterinburg – the ones you possibly made when you spent your vacation there or made a business trip to the city, or when you visited your relatives and friends in Yekaterinburg.

You can use the logotype of Ekaterinburg’s bid to host EXPPO 2020 or the phrase “I support Ekaterinburg’s hosting EXPO 2020”. The use of these symbols is not obligatory for participants in the contest.

You can e-mail your works to konkurs@expo2020.ru. Letters must contain the name and surname of the author, his (her) contact telephone number and e-mail.

The rules:

Photos providing information about Ekaterinburg to confirm that it is a good choice are accepted. Bad photos or the ones that add nothing to Ekaterinburg profile or that are at variance with the Russian legislation are not accepted. Only the photos of Internet users are accepted or the ones that include a written permission of the author to post them on the Internet. Anybody who wants to take part is welcome. One author can send an unlimited number of photos to the contest.

All photos will be published on Ekaterinburg World EXPO 2020 Homepage and on Facebook in three languages: Expo2020. Ekaterinburg (рус.яз.) Expo2020.Russia(англ.яз.) Expo2020.Russie (фр.яз.) The contest runs from August 23rd to September 30th, 2013. Voting will be extended to October 7th, 2013.

The authors of photos which gained the highest number of likes on each of the three language pages will be named the winners. One more winner will be chosen by the members of the jury. The winners will be named on October 8th, 2013. All winners will receive valuable prizes from the EXPO 2020 Ekaterinburg Bid Committee. If you decide to send your photos to the organizers, this will mean that you have accepted the rules.

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