10 September 2013, 18:20

Secularists in the West dictate others what to wear

никаб европа ислам мусульмане

A judge in Northern California has ruled that US clothing retailer Abercrombie and Fitch had wrongly fired Muslim worker for wearing a headscarf. This may seem an isolated case that has had a happy end, if it did not reflect the grim reality of the modern Western society when Muslims, Christians, as well as people of other traditional religions are fired and mistreated in numerous ways for openly expressing their beliefs. All this comes against a background of perverts not only openly demonstrating their abnormality, but dictating rules of behavior to other nations and cultures which have managed to preserve at least some remnants of normalcy.

The woman, Hani Khan was fired from Abercrombie and Fitch's Hollister store in San Mateo, California, in 2010. At first, her employers had allowed her to wear a headscarf in Hollister colors, but later demanded that she remove it altogether. When she refused to do so, they fired her.

It took the court three long years to decide that any person has the right to wear their traditional attire. On Monday, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers of the Northern District of California ruled that Ms. Khan had been fired wrongly. Now it is up to the jury to determine damages.

This could be looked upon as an isolated case, and a rare one that has had a happy end, if it didn't come against a background of similar cases, when people of traditional religions (and not only Muslims) are fired and humiliated in other ways when they demonstrate adherence to their beliefs.

Most notable cases of recent times were taken up by the European Court of Human Rights early this year. The ECHR considered four suits by four UK citizens who claimed they had been unfairly treated for their religious beliefs.

The court ruled in favor of the plaintiff only in one case. A 60-year-old British Airways employee was sent home in 2006 after she refused to remove the cross she wore around her neck in the workplace. That case took even longer than the one in California – almost seven years.

But three other cases were turned down.

The first of these cases involved a nurse who was prevented from wearing a cross in work. Judges found that the applicant's rights had not been violated given the health and safety concerns involved in working in a hospital.

But the remaining two are the most remarkable ones. In one case, the court ruled against a marriage counselor who had been fired after saying that he might object to giving advice to gay couples. In the other, it was a civil registrar who had been reprimanded for saying that she did not want to conduct same-sex civil partnership ceremonies.

This really gives a clue to the whole situation. While overtly declaring freedom of expression and religious belief, the Western society is ready to tolerate the above beliefs only up to a certain extent – when beliefs do not contradict the most fashionable pervert trends, especially the same-sex unions which has turned into a sacred cow of today's West.

The front-runner in the tendency is not even the US or UK. The most outstanding example has recently been demonstrated by France which several years ago banned wearing of Islamic headscarves in public school and recently has unveiled a so called "secularism charter" for schools which bans pupils from boycotting classes for religious or political reasons.

As reported by the Daily Telegraph, unveiling the charter at a special ceremony at a school near Paris, Vincent Peillon, the education minister, said: "Nobody can say that due to my opinions I'm not going to this or that class or sport."

Now, if for example, the class propagates freedom of same-sex relationship under the disguise of "sexual education", no pupil or parent can say that the class goes contrary to their faith.

French Muslims have seen in the charter a direct threat that they will be further stigmatized. But actually, the measure is not targeting solely Muslims – it is a new example of the offensive launched in the West by people who call themselves "secularists", but who are in reality conductors and transmitters of the ideology and practice of self-annihilation launched in the modern society.

There could be some excuse if the program were limited to those who advocate it. But their aggressive stance goes as far as to proclaim it as a "universal value" and demand, for example a boycott of winter Olympics in Sochi – just because Russia is not eager to yield to the pervert policies propagated in the West.

Boris Volkhonsky, senior research fellow, Russian Institute for Strategic Studies

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