24 August 2013, 13:34

UN disarmament chief arrives in Damascus to push for chemical experts' access

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UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs Angela Kane arrived in Syria on Saturday to push for access to a suspected chemical weapons attack site for UN inspectors, who are already in Syria to investigate previous accusations.

Kane arrived at the Four Seasons hotel in Damascus at midday(0900 GMT).

Angela Kane did not speak to reporters upon her arrival on Saturday in the Syrian capital.

Anti-government activists accuse President Bashar Assad’s regime of carrying out a toxic gas attack Wednesday on the eastern suburbs of Damascus and have reported death tolls ranging from 136 to 1,300.

The government calls the claims “absolutely baseless.”

The U.S., Britain, France and Russia have all urged the Assad regime and the rebels fighting to overthrow him to cooperate with the United Nations and allow U.N. experts already in Syria to look into the latest purported use of chemical agents.

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