20 August 2013, 14:31

Former US congressman suggests NSA abolition

Former congressman Dennis Kucinich has urged that most strict measures, including abolition, should be introduced for those government agencies who have betrayed the American people.

Dennis Kucinich made the statement last week as he was attending the premiere of the documentary on government and corporate abuse of digital data entitled “Terms and Conditions May Apply’.

“They’ve destroyed the idea of privacy,” Kucinich, a known advocate of civil liberties, said about the Obama administration and the NSA’s surveillance programs.

The former lawmaker indicated it was unacceptable to allow the government to continue to destroy constitutional rights.

“There needs to be a measure of responsibility. And if they go beyond the pale, which the NSA has, they just ought to be abolished. We don’t need the spying,” Kucinich said, sharing his solution with the audience.

He also applauded Edward Snowden for all the revelations about the NSA’s spying techniques and said the man deserved a ticker-tape parade.

Meanwhile, last Friday after some fresh revelation about NSA abuses had come to light, John DeLong, NSA director of compliance, told reporters that “these are not willful violations, they are not malicious.”

Senator Diane Feinstein, Chair of the Select Committee on Intelligence, supported DeLong’s words by saying “the majority of these ‘compliance incidents’ are unintentional and do not involve any inappropriate surveillance of Americans.”

“The committee has never identified an instance in which the NSA has intentionally abused its authority to conduct surveillance for inappropriate purposes.” Feinstein asserted.

Voice of Russia, infowars.com

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