16 August 2013, 19:27

A big rig caught fire and apparently exploded on Manhattan’s Queensboro Bridge on Friday morning, according to preliminary reports.  5 women were said to have died after a white limousine was set alight while crossing the bridge.

It is being reported that the burning vehicle is on the outbound lower level of the 59th Street Bridge.

Black plumes of smoke can be seen rising over the bridge.

Photo: @BREAKING911

The lower level of the bridge is closed in both directions to allow emergency services access to the incident. The upper level remains open at this time.

Twitter user Elena de Rossi and others posted photos of the fire. “Something happening in the queensboro bridge,” she wrote.

The Twitter account of 511 NYC wrote: “Vehicle fire on Queensboro bridge in Manhattan, NYC. All lanes blocked until further notice.”

“Some sort of explosion, fire reported on Manhattan’s Queensboro bridge in NYC,” wrote user Tim Williams.

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