2 August 2013, 12:28

Edward Snowden's new life in Russia: will he marry Anna Chapman or help Russian secret services? – media

Эдвард Сноуден русский паспорт 1 августа

The world's mass media are wondering what US fugitive Edward Snowden's life will look like now. Yesterday the former NSA leaker finally received a document from the Russian authorities granting him the right to stay in Russia for one year. Will Snowden publish more leaks? Will he start working for one of the Russian secret service agencies and help them improve intelligence methods? Or will he marry ex-Russian spy Anna Chapman?

In less than an hour of his new life in Moscow, the Daily Beast is writing, Russian authorities, media, and business referred to the former NSA leaker as “a hero” and “a star,” and he even got his first job offer.

The mass media mentions two opinions voiced by Moscovites concerning what Snowden would probably do in his new homeland. Some say, the media goes on, he should turn himself into a public figure and accept the marriage offer from Anna Chapman. In July Ms Chapman asked Edward Snowden via her Twitter account: “Snowden, will you marry me?!” The question remains unanswered. But who knows, may be the intrigue will soon be disclosed.

Other Moscovites, the Daily Beast continues, think that Edward Snowden should continue to hide from reporters and help Russia improve its security system.

According to Anatoly Kucherena, a Russian lawyer who is assisting Snowden, the former NSA contractor’s plans for the future are as simple as that: “he wants to rent a flat and find work in Russia”, Reuters is citing the Russian lawyer.

"He needs to work,” Kucherena said to the press. “He is not a rich man, and the money that he had, he has of course, spent on food. Of course, he understands that he has to work and he has to keep on living.”

According to Managing Partner of recruitment agency “Borodin & Partners” Alexei Borodin, Edward Snowden can easily find here in Russia a job with a monthly salary of 260-300 thousand roubles. “This is minimum. I think his salary could be higher,” the expert said in an interview with the Russian News Service. Borodin also noted there were several Russian secret services that could express their interest in hiring Edward Snowden.

One real job offer has been already made to the former NSA contractor. It has been voiced by Pavel Durov, the head of the Russian equivalent of Facebook, Vkontakte.

Meanwhile, according to Anatoly Kucherena, after leaving Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport Edward Snowden has found shelter in a private home of American expatriates.

Reuters writes that a pledge not to publish more information that could harm the United States was the condition under which Snowden was allowed to stay in Russia.

“Edward assured me that he is not planning to publish any documents that blacken the American government,” Kucherena said as cited by Reuters. The Russian lawyer added Snowden does not think his leaks had “done harm to his homeland”.

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