31 July 2013, 03:25

Latvia considering extraditing Latvian to US for virus

Латвия флаг латвийский флаг

The Latvian government has postponed the consideration of extradition to the United States of Latvian citizen Denis Chalovsky, who the US authorities accuse of creating and spreading a virus that hit more than a million computers around the world.

The government plans to make a decision next week, when the verdict of the Constitutional Court of the country is handed down.

Three people are involved in the case Chalovsky, Russian Nikita Kuzmin and Romanian Mihai Paunesku. According to the United States, with the help of a computer virus the defendants stole money from bank accounts.

The damage caused by their actions amounted to no less than 50 million dollars, 160 computers owned by the American space agency NASA were among those infected with the virus.

Kuzmin is in custody in New York, with respect to Chalovsky and Paunesku, the US authorities have initiated extradition proceedings.

Voice of Russia, TASS

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