31 July 2013, 15:15

American couple charged with raping adopted Kazakh kids

ребенок дети насилие плач слезы

The 21-year-old alleged victim of Linda Mayotte, who is on trial together with her husband for raping their two adopted children from Kazakhstan, outlined two years of sexual abuse that he said began when he was a thirteen years old teenager.

Linda Mayotte, 49, and her husband Joseph Mayotte, 50, both of Whitinsville, are on trial in Worcester Superior Court this week on 26 charges each, including multiple counts of statutory rape of a child, rape of a child aggravated by age, indecent assault on a child and incest.

Joseph Mayotte is accused of raping the couple's adopted daughter for a five-year period starting when she was 8.

DNA testing showed that Ms. Mayotte's accuser was the father of the baby she gave birth to on January 18, 2008, according to a stipulation read to the jury.

The alleged victim said he didn’t report any abuse earlier because he was afraid of being separated from his sister and his son and being sent back to an orphanage in Kazakhstan, where the Mayottes adopted the kids.

Mr. Mayotte is alleged to have sexually abused a girl over a period of about five years, beginning in 2004, when she was 8 years old. His lawyer, Christopher P. LoConto, told the jury in his opening statement that Mr. Mayotte would take the witness stand and testify that his alleged sexual abuse of the girl never happened.

Laurel Singer, the defense attorney for Linda Mayotte, submitted evidence intending to show that the 13-year-old boy was actually the aggressor in the couple’s house, by demonstrating the physical damage over his adopted mother and his acts of aggression.

The attorney submitted Mayotte family photos, where the victim is several times taller than Linda Mayotte and showing several holes he made in his bedroom wall.

The spouses deny their guilt. Ms. Mayotte said it was her adopted son who forced her to have sex with him and threatened to tell police she raped him if she did not satisfy his sexual needs. Ms. Mayotte said she was "never the initiator" of the sexual intercourse. Mr. Mayotte said he would prove he had never abused his adopted daughter.

Voice of Russia, telegram.com

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