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Secretly baptized Putin says Russian Orthodox Church helps international accord

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"The Church carries out a very important role even within Russia - the role of creating conditions for inter-confessional, inter-ethnic, international peace and accord," Putin said in the documentary "The Second Baptism of Russ".

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The film was broadcasted on the Russia TV channel.

"In this sense, the meaning of the Church goes beyond the boundaries of the Russian Federation, it helps us to establish good relations with the peoples of other countries, and especially the post-Soviet space, and, of course, the Church is performing a very constructive, positive role here", the President added.

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"A question arises: why has this happened? People of our generation remember how the Code of a builder of communism looked like, which actually was a simplified record of religious and moral principles of virtually all modern traditional religions; and when even this simplified form ceased to exist, there appeared a moral vacuum that could be filled by one thing only – the return to real, true values," Putin said.

According to him, these values could only be the values of a religious nature.

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"Therefore it is not surprising that the society itself, without being pushed from the outside by the authorities and even by the Church... turned to its roots, to faith, to spiritual values. It was a natural revival of the Russian people," the President said.

He noted that the Russians had always turned to Orthodoxy in the most critical moments in the history of their country.

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"When the Great Patriotic War began, it was Molotov, who was the first to address the Soviet people, and he called them "citizens".

And when Stalin was delivering his speech, despite his harsh and even cruel attitude to the Church, he addressed the audience "brothers and sisters". And there was a great sense in it, because such an address was not just words, it was an appeal to the heart, to the souls, to history, to our roots in order to describe the tragedy of these events, and secondly, to raise people to defend their Motherland", - said the head of the state.

According to Putin, today, the Church and the state have many areas for cooperation; in particular, in supporting the institution of family, in education of children and youth, in helping people with disabilities and people in prisons.

"The Church is a natural partner of the state here", the President stressed. He reminded that with the adoption of Orthodoxy a unified Russian nation and centralized state began to form.

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"In essence, both the Russian nation and the Russian state are rooted in common values, which unite the whole big European territory where Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are located today. This is a common spiritual value space, and this is a very serious factor of uniting the people", he added.

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Also, Russian President Vladimir Putin unveiled that his mother baptized him in childhood in secret from his father.

"My mother baptized me allegedly in secret from my father, who was a member of the Communist party. He was not a functionary; he was a plant worker, however, he was a party figure at the level of a workshop party organization. And mother allegedly baptized me in secret from my father. So, it affected me personally and our family", Putin said.

Russian government and the church successfully cooperate in various aspects of civil life - Putin

In more than one sense, the Church is the government’s natural partner, Russian President Vladimir Putin said about the role of the Orthodoxy in Russian history when he appeared in the 'Second Christianization of Rus' documentary film released by the one of the local TV channels. According to the President, the Russian Orthodox Church and the government are now cooperating in more than one aspect, including the cultivation of moral values and supporting families.

According to Putin, the people of Russia have appealed to Orthodoxy at the most critical times of their history.

“When the Great Patriotic War started, Molotov was the first to address the Soviet people, and he started with these words: 'citizens and female citizens'. However, when Stalin started addressing he began with 'brothers and sisters' although his attitude towards the Church was extremely tough. This had an enormous sense because such an address was an appeal to the heart, the spirit, history and our roots rather than simple words", the President emphasized.

The 'Second Christianization of Rus' documentary film is devoted to the history of the Russian Orthodox Church within the past 25 years.

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