16 July 2013, 12:36

Greek transport halted as unions launch strikes against latest round of austerity

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Strikes in Greece 

Strikes in Greece 

Greek transport was disrupted and town halls across the country closed down as Greek unions launched a 24-hour strike Tuesday, ahead of a parliamentary vote on a new round of austerity measures.


The strike, called by the country's main private and public sector unions, is set to disrupt flights, national rail travel and public services at hospitals and town halls.

Journalists from across the country are expected to walk off the job for four hours, while municipal authorities, whose tasks include overseeing the Athens municipal police force, suspended services for three days beginning on Monday.

Unions are protesting against demands by Greece's international creditors to drastically trim the public sector before approving new bailout loan installments worth 6.8 billion euros (8.9 billion dollars).

The measures, which include placing a total of 12,500 workers in a so-called mobility reserve programme - which subjects them to involuntary transfers and possible dismissals - within the public sector, are to be voted on by parliament on Wednesday.

Greece has also promised to cut an additional 15,000 jobs by the end of next year in an effort to cut its budget.

Nearly three years of harsh austerity measures, including pension and pay cuts as well as tax hikes, have dragged down the economy, which is now in its sixth year of recession.

Voice of Russia, dpa


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