16 July 2013, 14:23

FSA chief accuses UK of betraying Syrian opposition

Салим Идрис

FSA chief General Salim Idrisю

FSA chief General Salim Idrisю

Syria's top rebel commander has accused David Cameron of betrayal after the Prime Minister abandoned plans to arm the Syrian opposition.

General Salim Idris, the head of the Free Syrian Army, gave an interview to The Daily Telegraph.

“The West promises and promises. This is a joke now,” Idris said. “I have not had the opportunity to ask David Cameron personally if he will leave us alone to be killed. On behalf of all the Syrians, thank you very much.”

Cameron on Monday abandoned plans to arm the rebels on advice from the British military, according to The Telegraph, despite previously lobbying two months ago for an end to the European Union arms embargo.

Voice of Russia, The Daily Telegraph

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