15 July 2013, 17:57

Japan scrambles jets after 'Russian intrusion'

япония истребитель япония F-15

Japan' s military has scrambled its fighters today as three Russian aircrafts entered Japanese airspace earlier. Japan’s airspace hasn’t been violated, the Japanese Ministry of Defense reports.

According to the ministry, two Tu-95 bombers flew over the Sea of ​​Japan, moving from the Korean Peninsula, then proceeded along the Japanese archipelago and flew away to the north of Hokkaido. Another aircraft, the IL-20, flew over the Kuril Islands. In this regard, the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force fighters were raised in the air.

A similar incident occurred earlier this year, in April, when the two long-range anti-submarine warfare aircrafts Tu-142 flew over the south-west coast of the Kyushu Island and the northernmost of Hokkaido Island. That time the Japan military forces also raised their fighters in the air.

Earlier, the Joint Chiefs of Staff of Japanese Self-Defense Forces said that a group of seven Russian warships had sailed through La Perouse Strait from the Japan Sea to the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.

According to the Japanese military, it consisted of frigates and landing crafts. The Japanese military also recorded the passage of 16 Russian ships, including a guided missile cruiser, through the Sea of Okhotsk. It is believed that they are involved in the ongoing there large-scale military drills.

Voice of Russia, TASS



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