12 July 2013, 16:30

Snowden could face cruelty if extradited - Amnesty Intl

amnesty international

Amnesty International

Amnesty International

Former CIA intelligence analyst Edward Snowden cannot be extradited to the United States under any circumstances, chief of Amnesty International's Russian office Sergei Nikitin said.


Nikitin and other rights campaigners are expected to meet with Snowden in the transit area of Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport on Friday evening.

"No state has the right to extradite this person to a country where he may be treated harshly. The United States is a country where the threat of severe treatment, bordering on torture, is quite likely," Nikitin said.

"The US authorities have already branded Snowden a traitor and they have formed a firm opinion about him even before a verdict has been passed at a trial," he added.

"Snowden's extradition must never take place. Whatever the country he may find himself in, he cannot be extradited as long as his request for refuge is being processed," Nikitin said.

Snowden has the right to request political asylum, Nikitin said.

"At the same time, if his request is to be granted, he must provide solid evidence that he is being persecuted," he said.

The United States is pushing to get Snowden extradited, as they are accusing him of divulging state secrets.

It emerged on Friday that Snowden had requested a meeting with Russian and foreign rights campaigners.

Voice of Russia, Interfax


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