9 July 2013, 13:20

Russian, US experts disagree over many aspects of Syrian problem - Morozov

Сирия манифестанты поддержка Ассад Сирия

Supporters of Bashar Assad

Supporters of Bashar Assad

The Syria situation and its implications for the Middle East were the main subjects of a Moscow meeting of Russian and US experts.


The experts met at a bilateral seminar organized by the Public Projects Institute (INOP) and the Center for the National Interest based in Washington DC, expert in Middle East affairs, member of the Federation Council International Affairs Committee Igor Morozov said.

"Celebrated politicians, among them former Senator and presidential candidate Gary Hart, four-star general Charles Boyd and policy expert Dmitri Simes, represented the US in the discussion. Russia was represented by parliamentarians and foreign policy experts," Morozov said.

Syria was the center of the discussion, which revealed opposite opinions of Russia and the United States.

"Our US partners said that it was possible to discuss Syrian issues and methods of solving them only in the case of the unconditional resignation of Bashar al-Assad. They made themselves clear - "al-Assad must go" before the formation of an interim government and elections of the new authorities are discussed," Morozov said.

Russia asked counter-questions, he said. "We asked why al-Assad, a legitimate president, must go. He enjoys the support of many people in spite of the conflict. He is in command of over 300,000 servicemen. And only one year is left until the next election," Morozov said.

Voice of Russia, Interfax


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