4 July 2013, 09:38

Alleged Russian spy Anna Chapman tweets marriage proposal to Snowden

06.04.2011 Анна Чапман шпионка

Alleged Russian spy Anna Chapman has tweeted a marriage proposal to Edward Snowden, her fellow man and whistleblower, who has been on the run for leaking highly sensitive information about US intelligence operations to the media.

The dazzling Russian femme fatale was quite laconic in her proposal, offering the fugitive leaker to tie the knot in a short tweet that read: “Snowden, will you marry me?”

The proposal came just as the world began wondering if the former NSA contractor was still holed up in her native country, Russia, and lingered in Moscow airport’s transit zone -- or whether he had sneaked out aboard the flight of Bolivian President Evo Morales headed for South America.

Chapman, 29, instantly became a target for jokes in Western media, who likened her to Bond girls inHollywood spy movies like The Spy Who Loved Me or From Russia With Love.

The flame-haired spy was seized, alongside nine other Russian agents, in the US in 2010 and became a world-wide sensation after her photos were leaked to the web.The spies, many of whom had been working for years undercover in the country as sleeper agents, returned to Russia in a Cold War-style spy swap.

Since then, Chapman has worked as a model, edited a magazine, given lectures and now runs a foundation.

Snowden has been catapulted into the limelight only recently after he disclosed America’s global snooping programs that indiscriminately targeted its foes and allies. The 30-year-old has sent out asylum pleas to 21 countries, although responses have been less than promising.

Anna Chapman's tweet

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