3 July 2013, 12:31

Venezuela’s Maduro pledges fairness on Snowden’s asylum bid

венесуэла выборы венесуэла мадуро

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro has promised to take a fair stance on US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden’s asylum request, should the latter consider the Latin American country as his new home.

“This decision is still in force,” Mr. Maduro said in an interview to Russia Today TV channel, indicating that Venezuela’s resolve to shelter the American fugitive has not been shaken.

He stressed an official statement would be made immediately after Venezuela received Snowden’s asylum bid, and vowed to come up with a dignified response.

The president said the US has been spying on all countries, including its nearest allies, who were fighting alongside its troops in several wars and contributed to “destroying” Libya and Syria.

Maduro underscored that Snowden raised the flag on the US threat.

Venezuela ready to help Snowden - Maduro

Caracas is ready to help NSA leaker Edward Snowden, but will “leave the decision to the people” when considering his request for asylum, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has told RT in an exclusive interview.

When questioned whether Caracas has received an application from Snowden, Maduro said that he has"no official communication that says Snowden applied for asylum in Venezuela." He added that Venezuela "must await the reaction of the world" when asked whether he would grant asylum to the whistleblower.

"Snowden has raised a red flag in time, revealing that the US elite have mechanisms which they intend to use in order to spy on the world," said Maduro.

Voice of Russia, TASS, RT

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