28 June 2013, 14:18

Suitcases bearing symbolics of the Olympic Games in Sochi are for sale

чемодан сочи

A new line of products bearing symbolics of the Olympic Games in Sochi were presented in Moscow - four collections of suitcases for adults and for children, as well as covers for them.

Mascots of the Sochi Olympic games - White Bear, Bunny and Leopard – are depicted on children's suitcases.

The trade mark Sochi patchwork quilt was used in the collection of adult baggage. Among suitcases there are both compact models that you can take on board a plane and large and strong ones, in which you can keep equipment for adventure holidays.

Covers are also bearing the image of the Sochi patchwork quilt and the Olympic mascots. They fit most of the suitcases, which height is from 65 to 78 centimeters.

The cost of the covers is 1. 990 rubles (60$), of the suitcases – from 6. 200 rubles (188$). Part of the suitcases will be available already at the end of June 2013, others - in September and October.

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Sochi-2014 Olympic Torch to be launched into space

Rita Oshun

The Organising Committee of the winter Olympic Games in Sochi has decided to send the Olympic flame down to Earth from heavens and thus repeat Prometheus’ endeavour. For the first time in the history of Olympic Games and space research, the flame in the bowl at the stadium will be lit from a torch that has been in space.

The first artificial satellite in the world. The first man in orbit.The first space walk. And now a new record. For the first time in the history of the Olympic movement Russian cosmonauts will deliver the Olympic torch, one of the main symbols of the Olympic Games, to the International Space Station and then will take it out into open space. This historic event will be telecast live. On completing the vertical flight the Olympic flame will continue its relay race across Russian lands until it is delivered to the bowl of the Sochi stadium. Three times Olympic champion Olga Brusnikina is speaking:

“The first country that has been in space is Russia, the successor of the USSR, so it is significant that the Olympic Torch should also go into space.”

According to an Ancient Greek myth, Prometheus went up to the sky and touched the sun with a torch. After that he hid the flame in the hollow footstalk of a reed. The white pulp of reed can burn like wick. How will our cosmonauts keep the flame burning in airless space? Cosmonaut Alexander Alexandrov, who is an adviser of the president of the Rocket and Space Corporation Energia, answers this question.

“The rule of the game in space research is ‘we must do everything that is needed’. The flame will be kept in a special container which will be taken into open space. Afterwards it will be delivered to the Russian segment of the ISS and then returned to Earth. This is not a problem either because we have numerous technical gadgets at our disposal. Those gadgets will maintain the container in a state that will guarantee safety in space, aboard the ISS and aboard the spaceship.”

Russia will surprise the world community with the space trip of the Olympic torch. Russia will also hit all records in the relay race that will start on the 7th of October. About 130mln of Russian residents could become its spectators and participants. In total, the torch will cover the distance of over 65 thousand kilometres by car and by train, as well as in carts pulled by horse teams and reindeer teams. During the race 14,000 torchbearers will carry the torch through 3,000 Russian towns and villages. The race will end at the opening ceremony of the winter Olympic Games in Sochi on the 7th of February 2014.

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