20 June 2013, 15:22

Russia won’t accept US nuclear reduction proposal - official

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Russia will not accept the US’ proposal to reduce nuclear arsenals to the levels that were in place during Kennedy’s presidency. Moscow made it clear three years ago that it would not reconsider the provisions of the nuclear reduction treaty within the next few years.

Dmitry Suslov of the Higher School of Economics said during a meeting with the Voice of Russia’s correspondent that Russia made it clear right after signing the START III Treaty that a reduction to 1,550 warheads and 700 deployed intercontinental ballistic missiles would be enough for the next 10 years and that no new bilateral agreements on strategic or tactical reductions were needed.

Suslov’s words, the US tends to ignore Russia’s views as it pursues its own domestic and foreign policy agenda trying to make nuclear reductions an issue of primary concern in Russian-US relations.

US has no specific plan to reduce nuclear weapons with Russia

The United States has no specific plans to establish a working relationship with Russia in order to implement previous proposals by U.S. President Barack Obama to further reduce nuclear weapons.

U.S. State Department spokesman Jen Psaki admitted this at a press briefing and stated that Obama had sought to seek reductions in deployed strategic nuclear weapons by one-third compared with the level set by the new treaty on strategic offensive arms.

"I intend to hold talks with Russia on such a reduction to lower the level of armaments that have existed since the Cold War," said Obama during a keynote foreign policy speech in Berlin.

Obama urges Russia to cut up to a third nuclear arms

The US's President Barack Obama has suggested to cut down the Russian and the American nuclear arsenals more by one third than the Russian-US treaty, which was adopted in 2010, suggests. Mr. Obama, who is currently visiting Germany, said this in Berlin on Wednesday.

Obama also said he would lead two new Nuclear Security summits in his second term. "These are steps we can take to create a world of peace with justice," Obama said.

He said that he was planning to start talks with Russia over this issue.

Mr. Obama explained his decision by his wish for the both countries to have lesser nuclear weapons than it was in the time of the Cold War.

The President also added that he wants to convince the US Senate to ratify a UN treaty that totally bans tests of nuclear weapons. This treaty was adopted by the UN back in 1996 but has not come into force so far, because several countries, including the US, have not ratified it yet.

Decline in efficiency of Russian nuclear forces must not be permitted - Putin

President Vladimir Putin finds it impossible "to permit a violation of the balance in the system of strategic deterrence or a decline in the efficiency of Russian nuclear forces."

In his introductory speech on the fulfillment of the program of armaments until 2020 he stressed that the system of space defense is a guarantee of the stability of Russian strategic deterrence forces.

"They shield the country's territory from an aerospace attack," he said.

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