21 May 2013, 15:10

World's biggest captive crocodile got chicken cake for his 110th birthday

The Jumbo crocodile named Cassius Clay has celebrated his 110th birthday on a farm in the Northern Region, Australia, reports The NT News. To mark the event keepers of the giant reptile gave him a 20kg cake made of chicken. The treat was topped with candles.

The cake was a real feast for the croc. Usually he doesn’t eat that much: his daily diet consists of 1kg of chicken and fish. Lucky Cassius finished his birthday cake in about 30 seconds. He got not only “bread” but also “circuses” – the reptile owners sang “Happy Birthday” song for him.

According to croc keeper Billy Craig, it isn't known exactly how old Cassius is but presumably he's over 100.

Marineland Melanesia Cassius Clay was caught 26 years ago after being accused of attacking boats. No one wanted to take care of the reptile so Mr Craig's grandfather, George, who owns the Green Island farm, gave him his new home.

In 2011 the croc, named after legendary boxer Cassius Clay, was officially declared by Guinness World Records to be the biggest crocodile in captivity. The 5.48m giant lost his title last year, as 6.17m crocodile named Lolong was caught in the Philippines, but regained it again after the death of the rival.

Voice of Russia, The NT News

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