21 May 2013, 09:26

Syrian Army captures key city of Al-Quseir, cuts off opposition supply routes

сирия война дамаск пригород дым разрушения

The Syrian government troops have captured, in the wake of long fighting, a strategically important city on the Lebanese border, Al-Quseir. The Syrian Army has thus cut off the opposition supply routes.

The city was stormed for almost 24 hours. The Syrian Army has seized administrative buildings in the city centre, so the Syrian national flag is again flying over Al-Quseir, according to the Rossia-24 TV channel.

Opposition fighters have actually been in control of the city since the outbreak of the civil war in Syria. The troops used the Grad multiple rocket launchers, killing some 100 opposition fighters.

The Syrian military casualties have not been immediately reported. The capture of the city has cut off opposition units from their supply bases in Lebanon.

The Damascus government troops will, besides, be able to go ahead with their mopping-up operations in the Aleppo area, in the north of Syria.

Voice of Russia, Rossia-24

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