17 July 2014, 10:58

July 16-17: OSCE seeing up close death and damage in eastern Ukraine

July 16-17: OSCE seeing up close death and damage in eastern Ukraine

The OSCE is finally seeing up close the death and damage caused by Ukraine’s war on its citizens in southeastern Ukraine… So sad.

Vera Watkins, USA


I note that Ukraine continues to embark on the destruction of some major towns in the East following the coup which ousted the former President - a coup inspired by the USA, the UK, and other European fellow-travellers who harbour irrational anti-Russian feelings. These deplorable events are designed to provoke Russia because the USA/NATO block consider that they are well prepared for a first-strike. One can only imagine the outcry in the so-called West if Russia embarked on such a campaign of destruction. The so-called "Right to protect" would be shouted in all of the corridors of "Western power" - and published, under banner headlines, in the Corporate Press, and by the BBC, the VOA, and so on.

Lionel Gay, U.K.

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The OSCE is finally seeing up close the death and damage caused by Ukraine’s war on its citizens in southeastern Ukraine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEYuwfqNlpI

In case you didn't see this. So sad.

Vera Watkins, USA

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Last week the US spokesperson Jen Psaki announced that it is okay for the Ukrainian Government (brought to power by a coup d’etat) to bomb and shell innocent civilians in the eastern part of the country. This obviously accords with the US view that there were no figures for civilian casualties in Iraq, a blatant untruth exposed by Bradley Manning, the US soldier now being tried as a traitor for telling the truth. How can the US pretend to accord to any level of decency when it regards morality and ethics as a fluid concept dependant on its perceived geopolitical agenda?

Have we finally discarded all the lessons learnt from WW2 and are now embracing a culture of “winner takes all”, no matter what the consequences of such actions will bring? We despair that society has become inured to suffering and death and callously disregards everything as long as it is not in their backyard (the NIMBY syndrome) so that none of us feel any emotional involvement.

With equal disregard for the truth, Britain bans Russian officials from visiting the Farnborough Air Show ostensibly to punish Russia for condemning the continued violations by Ukraine of signed agreements and the killing and wounding of Russian nationals on Russian territory. How can Germany side with the pro-Nazi Ukrainian government in light of its own avowed decrying of tyrannical, fascist regimes around the world? Is it like most of the EU, bowing to the US pressure for economic reasons and a desire to return to the Cold war era so that economies can be reflated on the back of a military buildup?

We are rapidly reaching the point where decisions with far reaching consequences will have to be made unless we are prepared to face the prospect of yet another series of localized wars spilling over into a full-fledged global conflict.

Anton Komarov, South Africa



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