22 June 2014, 14:02

Two years into Assange's confinement, Wikileaks still on the rise - Assange's friend

Two years into Assange's confinement, Wikileaks still on the rise - Assange's friend

This week WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, marks the second anniversary of his self-imposed confinement in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

WikiLeaks has prepared a new batch of documents implicating Canada and 49 other countries in back room negotiations over a "secret" world trade agreement. Israel Shamir, Wikileaks expert and Julian Assange's friend, says that Wikileaks' latest ativities, despite Assange's two-year confinement, are really extraordinary.

He argues there's hardly been any significant progress so far concerning Julian’s status and the charges pending against him. Wikileaks' is though remarkably active on Twitter,  the account constantly details reports of what is now being done by WikiLeaks and by Assange himself. "So, there is a lot of effort to try and bring actuality into it," Mr. Shamir sums up.

On Thursday, the confinement anniversary date, London saw a demonstration in support of Assange outside the Ecuadorian Embassy.

Wikileaks is indeed making big breakthroughs as a legal entity, the expert notes, citing Wikileaks' assistance to Edward Snowden as he fled the US last year, compiling a whole collection of intercepted diplomatic cables to which anyone can now get free access, and many more.

"With the exception of the documents which were obtained by Manning, the other documents were not secret but they were not very accessible. Julian made a wonderful archive of the American diplomatic documents and whoever is interested in the international politics can see it."

There's hope that the British may one day lose interest in keeping Assange at their own expense, and might; "...perhaps look the other way or let him go somehow."

"But meanwhile, it seems to be that both sides are very-very stubborn and it is difficult to say that something will change very fast."

Referring to new materials which were expected to come out recently, Mr. Shamir expresses doubt whether it's atually possible now, as Wikileaks hasn't been hunting information for the past two years as actively as it had before. "That was actually one of the conditions that the Ecuadorian President posed to Julian, that he will not do anything that will interfere with his status as a refugee in the embassy. So, from this point of view, I wouldn’t expect to see too much," he concludes. He says a number of TV companies have already sought to cooperate with Assange personally, namely the Russian RT channel, which successfully made contact with him, but the Wikileaks head is generally reluctant to do so in view of the conditions set for him to remain in the Embassy.

However, the "whistleblowing" trend, once famously launched by Julian Assange, will most certainly continue, since world governments would be helpless in their efforts to stop new revelations from popping up, the expert points out.

"I think that Julian will probably not be active that much in his difficult position but it would be impossible for the governments of the whole world to stop it. And obviously, we get new and new revelations over time. So, I have no doubt that such things will keep occurring."

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