21 June 2014, 11:01

Kiev continues to guarantee its own demise

Kiev continues to guarantee its own demise

Ukraine continues to aggressively provoke Russia with acts that could be interpreted as being tantamount to declarations of war. The latest aggression by Kiev against Russia is an attack by the Ukrainian army on a customs checkpoint at Novoshakhtinsk, Russia in the southern Rostov region on the Russian-Ukrainian border. The unprovoked shelling by the Ukrainian military has caused the partial destruction of the customs checkpoint and the serious injury of at least one Russian customs officer.

Russian Cool Heads

President Vladimir Putin, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, Federation Chairwoman Valentina Matviyenko and other political and governmental leaders continue to lead to lead Russia’s diplomatic efforts with truly heroic patience and diplomacy as the US continues to use Ukraine in its cowardly proxy war against Russia.

In light of the fact that, as the head of Rossiya Segodnya said not long, Russia is a country that can turn the United States itself into nuclear ash, Russia’s reactions towards Ukraine have been remarkably reserved despite the continued blatant criminal attacks on its territory, the outright murder of its people and the escalating threat to its national security by the weak and schizophrenic nazi junta.

The Russian bear has long come out of hibernation and is ready to strike but why hasn’t it? "Is it weak?" Nuland might ask. "We will get back to you later on that," Psaki might say. Not to give the US and its junta any kind of intelligence which it is certainly lacking in but the answer to that is quite simple.

The Ukrainian Junta and Its Human Shield

Given that the majority of the population in the eastern parts of Ukraine are ethnic Russians or Russian speaking individuals and are clearly pro-Russian, which in case some in the West did not know is not a crime, the junta is attempting to keep the people in the east from fleeing and hence not opening a humanitarian corridor as they are literally engaged in genocide in their operation to clear the region.

Keeping the people there also serves the junta’s "National Guard" by giving them a cowardly tactical advantage, they know Russia will not launch a retaliatory strike if civilians risk being caught in the crossfire. Thus the fascists are using the civilian population as human shields and rather than declaring war and openly challenging Russia, they are fighting a cowards war like the worst form of scum and hiding behind the skirts of women and in the shadows of children.

A Warning to the Junta

The criminal Kolomoisky (who today stated that he will never give up his power and will make sure that all of the "separatists" are liquidated) and the Svoboda, Right Sector and Banderavite sympathizers are running around with murderous glee in their bloodlust and feeling invincible (due to the impunity they feel they have because they are sure their western masters will protect them) but like all madmen who suffer the debilitating disadvantage of being insane do not realize that they have already lost.

So as they continue to clear Donbass by eradicating the population and as the flow of women and children and innocent civilians comes closer to being completed their days are exponentially coming closer to an end.

I might be wrong and I do not want to give away any military advantage, but it seems clear, given the urban nature of the warfare in Ukraine and the ambiguous nature of the "enemy", once Ukraine is cleared of all ethnic Russians, Jews, Roma and other "mud" people, the nazis may claim victory for a brief moment, but once they have neatly and nicely consolidated themselves in a clear goose stepping little group, they will make a very nice little target to simply wipe off the face of the earth forever and be done with. I may be extreme in my postulated "final solution" but that is what they are attempting to do the people in the east and one who lives by the sword will eventually fall on the same sword he has shed innocent blood with, so such an end would be just and deserved.


Given the attack and the continuing punitive operation against the civilians in the east the Kremlin’s statement regarding Poroshenko’s "temporary cessation of hostilities" is as follows: the statement, "…. accidentally or deliberately has been made against the background of shelling Russian territory near the checkpoint "Dolzhansky" that led to the destruction of the building, as well as, most importantly, to the injury of a Russian customs officer."

"In this regard, the Russian side is waiting for an explanation and an apology."

"In this situation, the Russian side should carefully consider the text of the corresponding decision of the President of Ukraine and the procedure for its implementation."

"The primary analysis, unfortunately, shows that this is not an invitation to peace and negotiations, but an ultimatum to militias in the south-east of Ukraine to surrender."

Russian Foreign Ministry

The Russian Foreign ministry stated the following: "The Russian side expresses its strong protest against this aggressive action. Russian is demanding from Kiev and urgent and prompt investigation of all the circumstances of the crime, which violates basic norms and principles of international law."

"It is a direct provocation, which aims to prevent the implementation of the Geneva agreements on a de-escalation of internal Ukrainian conflict."

"How can this be related to today’s announcement by the Kiev authorities to a cessation of hostilities?"


For geopolitical specialists and observers it may seem that Ukraine, after being taken over by a US backed coup, is showing all of the trademark behavior of its US master albeit on an hyper drive scale: a literal war on journalism, criminal impunity in waging war and taking over the government, a complete disregard for the well-being of the people, a government with complete and total power and an irrational over-powering hatred towards Russia, misinformation and complete media control, the imprisonment of the opposition, psychotic transference blaming the victim for its own crimes and the use of illegal murderous force to eliminate enemies which it calls terrorists.

So as the junta in Ukraine continues to increase its acts of aggression against Russia, killing Russian reporters, murdering ethnic Russians, attacking Russian embassies, stealing Russian resources, driving tanks onto Russian territory and now literally attacking Russian territory, there can be no doubt that the so called authorities in Kiev are doing one thing and one thing only: with each horrific act they are pounding one more long inextricable nail into their own coffin. Russia beat the nazis once, Russia will beat them again.

The only advice to Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko (or whatever Nuland calls them): cease and desist while you still have a chance, if of course it is not already too late.

Save the children and the people of Donbass.

Other than where otherwise stated the views and opinions expressed here are those of me, John Robles II. I can be reached at robles@ruvr.ru.

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