6 June 2014, 18:38

Kiev in anticipation of $5 mln military aid from US as it intensifies operation in Ukraine's southeast

Kiev in anticipation of $5 mln military aid from US as it intensifies operation in Ukraine's southeast

The US has recently pledged $5 million military aid to Ukraine and potential training of its law enforcement and military personnel to facilitate its operations in the southeast. Meanwhile, Kiev has reportedly used tanks to attack the city of Slavyansk. And its president-elect has been asked to declare a state of emergency in the eastern regions of the nation.

A group of Senate Republicans has been long calling on President Obama to aid Kiev with "direct military assistance, including anti-tank and anti-aircraft weaponry." But so far those were mostly ready-to-eat meals and financing for medical supplies, helmets, hand-held radios and other equipment.

Now, the aid will come for "the provision of body armor, night vision goggles and additional communications equipment."

"The United States is absolutely committed to standing behind the Ukrainian people not just in the coming days, weeks, but in the coming years," said the US President after he met with Ukrainian's President-elect Petr Poroshenko in Warsaw on June 4, 2014.

Following the pledge, Kiev has intensified its air strikes as a part of its military operation in southeastern Ukraine, reportedly using the tanks to attack the eastern city of Slavyansk, a source in the headquarters of the independence supporters told RIA Novosti Friday. "Tanks are currently attacking Slavyansk in two directions," the source said.

Also on Friday Ukrainian President-elect Petr Poroshenko has been asked to deploy Ukrainian Armed Forces units along the border with Russia and order the National Guard to "carry out a full-fledged effective military operation."

The US has claimed Russia had intervened in the conflict in Ukraine's southeast by sending troops and weapons, but Russia has always denied any military presence in the country.

"There are no armed forces, no Russian 'instructors' in southeastern Ukraine and, there never were any," President Putin stated recently in an extensive interview to Radio Europe 1's news program ahead of his visit to Normandy. 

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