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Moscow’s reaction to elections in Ukraine in interest of peace

Moscow’s reaction to elections in Ukraine in interest of peace

The Kremlin and the Government of the Russian Federation are continuing to react to the events in Ukraine with the core goal of ensuring an end to the bloodshed and a normalization of relations with its neighbor. Although not officially recognizing the recent presidential election in Ukraine the Kremlin is ready to recognize the government in Kiev when the results are officially tabulated and certified and if they show the will of the Ukrainian people. Above all the Kremlin wishes stability and an end to the bloodshed and the unacceptable military operations against the people of Ukraine in the eastern part of the country being conducted by the current regime.

Presidential Elections in Ukraine

Although Moscow repeatedly called on the junta and the individuals it chose to act in top government posts to hold the election at a later date once the situation in Ukraine stabilized, the coup authorities went blindly ahead with complete disregard for the wishes of the people and the conditions under which they were forced to take part in an election.

Moscow understands very clearly that holding elections under conditions of open civil war can in no way bring about a representative result of the will of the population of Ukraine. Moscow is also aware that the holding of an election by a government which obtained power in an armed coup d’état seriously brings to question the legitimacy of such an exercise and continues to be alarmed by the armed quelling of dissent and the declarations of independence in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, areas whose populations did not, for the most part, play any role whatsoever in the process of choosing a president.

While these issues should be of utmost concern to the "authorities" in Kiev (as well as the so called international community), the junta has continuously shown that it is not interested in recognizing the will of the people it has chosen to rule over.

It must be underlined that the actions of the people of Crimea in choosing to rejoin Russia, and of the eastern regions of Ukraine which are following the examples of the Donetsk and Lugansk Regions and preparing to hold referendums on independence, were wholly and completely brought about by the actions of the junta in Kiev. Russia, although continually demonized and blamed by the West for the situation in Ukraine, has since day one merely reacted to threats to its own security and has attempted to prevent the continued violence and bloodshed being perpetuated on the Ukrainian people for the crimes of being ethnic Russian, speaking Russian or wanting the federalization of their territories so that their voices will be heard by Kiev.

The "authorities" in Kiev, lacking foresight, insisting on using force on their own people and continuously carrying out the orders of their western masters, have completely missed the boat when it comes to ensuring the territorial integrity of the their country, a country they claim to be the only true patriots of. Had the junta actually listened to the desires of the Crimeans and the populations in Donetsk and Lugansk and other regions and immediately begun steps to federalize Ukraine (something that worked wonderfully for Germany and the Russian Federation for that matter), they would not be dealing with entire regions wanting to secede from Ukraine. Again the fault lies with Kiev as Russia has in no way influenced or attempted to destabilize the situation.

Moscow wants an end to the conflict and to ensure the sanctity of the lives of the people in Ukraine and this has been clear since day one. Therefore the Kremlin is ready to deal with whoever comes to power in Kiev, again if it is representative of the will of the people. This fact cannot be underlined enough: it is the Ukrainian people, be they pro-Russian, pro-Western or pro-Chinese for that matter, who should be allowed to choose their destinies and those who lead them. It is not up to a tyrannical centralized nazi junta to impose its will on the people through the use of iron force.

After multiple calls to hold the elections at a later date when the situation in the country stabilized and not even sending observers since the situation as to the legitimacy of the elections was clear, Russia has now been forced to proceed to attempt to work with the new authorities in Ukraine. This is of course in the interest of maintaining peace, stability and hopefully ending the punitive military actions of the Kiev authorities against the people of Ukraine and again this is despite knowing the irregularities present in the poll and continued ignoring of Moscow’s calls for an end to the military operations by Kiev against its own people.

With all of the irregularities and the open questions as to the legitimacy of the presidential elections, despite instantaneous western support for the "results", it would be in the interests of the new so-called "President of Ukraine" Petr Poroshenko to heed the following: he must, unequivocally stop all military operations against the populations of Ukraine. This is the only route he can take if he wishes to cement his fragile legitimacy and at least retain a modicum of being the leader of the Ukrainian people.

No matter how much the West supports Paroshenko, as I have said many, many times, at the end of the day it is the Ukrainian people who must support those pretending to be the leaders. Moscow has not commented on the fact that what has happened is just an oligarch taking power but in reality that is what has happened. Whether that oligarch can do what is right for the people remains to be seen but it is to them that he must answer to in the end. Paroshenko has adapted and changed with every passing government and maintained his power but he must understand that the power he courts in the office of president must and without a doubt come from the Ukrainian people, not from Washington. He must not underestimate the will of the people as this will be a fatal mistake, be they pro whatever.

Paroshenko must also take into account the real and unquestionable threat to the national security of the Russian Federation that NATO missiles and war infrastructure would be, were they allowed to be placed on Ukrainian territory. This is something that Moscow will not quietly allow and Paroshenko must understand this. Hopefully, as a businessman with interests in Russia and one who has weathered the political winds of change, he will understand these essential facts, although his barely concealed nationalist ideas and leanings might lead one to believe otherwise. As one of the chief backers of the Maidan disaster and with his pro-western leanings and backers it remains to be seen just how far he will go to please his US/NATO/EU backers, but hopefully he will see the futility of trying to force the Ukrainian people into submission and realize that Ukraine and Russia share not only a long historical, political and economic symbiotic relationship but that without Russia, Ukraine’s economic wellbeing may see very rough times ahead. Will the Ukrainian people be so compliant when they cannot even afford bread on their tables? I doubt it.

On a final note: the West loves to demonize Russia and blame everything it has done in Ukraine on Russia, but that will not stand for long. There cannot be any justification for supporting a regime that is committing atrocities and war crimes against its own people. And by supporting an election where entire regions did not even take part, where ballot boxes were stuffed with thousands of neatly stacked ballots and which was called on exit poll data paid for by the junta, the West is seriously bringing its own legitimacy into question.

It is seriously questionable how much longer the world will support the further killing of civilians in order to bring about the geopolitical goals of US/NATO to place missiles in Ukraine, because at the end of the day, that is what this is all about. Moscow has allowed the junta and the West a very long rope and continues to do so, the question is just how soon will they hang themselves or be hung by the Ukrainian people (metaphorically speaking of course).

The views and opinions expressed above are my own. I can be reached at robles@ruvr.ru.

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