16 May 2014, 18:01

Sanctions against Russia drive a wedge between US and EU

Sanctions against Russia drive a wedge between US and EU

The Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum, also known as the ”Russian Davos”, has become the litmus test of the much touted “transatlantic solidarity”. While American CEOs shun the forum, European CEOs will be present, showing that the biggest part of the European business community is against antagonizing or alienating Russia.

Washington and a number of European politicians, who are best described as “European-born American patriots”, have been very vocal in their attempts to shame the German, Italian and French entrepreneurs and force them to give up lucrative Russian contacts and contracts in order to satisfy the ambitions of the US State Department. However, instead of caving in to the pressure, European business is stepping up lobbying efforts in order to force European politicians to act in the interest of European economy and not in the interest of Washington-based politicians plagued by Cold War mentality.

The fact that the Presidents and CEOs of companies like Daimler, E.On, Metro, BASF and ABB will go to Saint Petersburg is a sign that Europe is not willing to pay for America's failed experiments in Ukraine. Moreover, the lobbying efforts of big European corporations are beginning to pay off, significantly affecting the official political stance of top European politicians. Angela Merkel reluctantly agreed that “separatists” should be involved in peace talks in Ukraine, while vice chancellor Sigmar Gabriel admitted that the EU has committed numerous grave mistakes in its handling of Ukrainian crisis and that the EU was wrong to frame the Ukrainian situation as a choice between Europe and Russia.

Some segments of the European media claim that Russia has won the informational war against the US and this victory is influencing European politics. A recent editorial in Le Monde presents the Russian “media offensive” as a “knock out”, while Die Presse claims that Moscow used “KGB methods” to fight against American media narrative. The pro-American media can't publicly admit that the truth about Ukraine is coming out. The European society and the European business community know the truth about American involvement in the Ukrainian coup, the truth about Ukrainian neonazis sponsored by the US and the real facts about Odessa massacre where locals were torched alive by neonazi Ukrainian radicals with the blessing of the country's “authorities”. It is no wonder that European business is not interested in supporting America's wicked experiment of creating a neonazi state in Europe. Washington will have to get used with a new reality in which almost no one is willing to trust the US propaganda and kowtow to the US political agenda.

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