5 May 2014, 12:55

US aim in Arab world is to install regimes that would act in US interests - polytical analyst

US aim in Arab world is to install regimes that would act in US interests - polytical analyst

Over the last ten years the foreign policy course of the United States has implied an open interference in various countries' internal affairs. Countries of the Arab world have especially suffered from that. However, despite all the illegal actions and significant geopolitical mistakes Washington intends to continue to dictate its agenda to countries and continents.

The forceful, bulldozer-style foreign policy of the US in reality is quite ineffective. Under a close examination it turns out that many geopolitical projects the Washington has fulfilled lately have ended in a failure or in huge damage being inflicted upon those who found themselves in its interest zone. Moreover, the publically declared goals in most cases do not coincide with the real ones, points out Vilen Ivanov, an advisor to the Russian Academy of Sciences.

"When they supposedly want for the democracy to develop in some place, for the human rights to be honored and under that pretext take some practical steps, it is clearly just a cover-up to reach the real goals. They are quite pragmatic and related primarily to the US economic interests and the US attempts to create satellites for itself, which would support it. And they are no picky about methods used to reach their goals, including direct use of power. Often they manage to reach their goals, but they don't forecast the consequences, which would then hurt them and their policy as a boomerang," he said.

In the last ten years the Arab countries have been the main geopolitical interest for Washington. The United States has had greedy intentions towards those countries for a long time. But it decided to seriously take on that region just recently. The global economic crisis that started in 2008 served as a push for that. It was back then that the American authorities decided to try to completely take the Arab countries under their control, thinks Vyacheslav Matuzov, head of the Society of Friendship and Business Cooperation with Arab Countries.

"The Arab world is attractive for the USA for one simple reason – it is a strategic region of the world, the crossroads of global communications. And the main thing – it is the primary source of energy resources. What is going on now is an attempt to strengthen the US influence to go to a tougher control, to install regimes in those countries, which would be acting fully in US interests. They want to remove all the regimes, which could potentially be opponents to the United States, which clearly do not fit in with the general geopolitical strategy of the Americans," he said.

There are many examples of the US interference in other countries' affairs. For example, Washington's policy in Iraq has led to consequences tragic for that country and has not decreased the terrorist threat n the world at all. Next in line is Afghanistan, from which the US is pulling out its troops. In the time of the US presence in that country its social and economic situation has greatly deteriorated, while the production of drugs has gone up multiple times.

The situation with Libya is no less dramatic. Colonel Gaddafi was killed and in the American sense the evil was punished. However, there is no peace and accord in the country whatsoever. Moreover, the state is at the verge of extinction. The entire Arab Spring supported by Washington did not bring any good not only to the Middle East and Northern Africa, but also to the United States itself. The number of people who hate the US for its rude and often meaningless interference in other countries affairs has gone up multiple times.

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