20 March 2014, 06:55

Neo-Nazis lead Ukraine to economic and social collapse

Neo-Nazis lead Ukraine to economic and social collapse

The de-Russification process is developing fast in Ukraine. It is an uncontrollable process. And as it appears, in accordance with the plans of the masterminds of the Euro-Maidan events it should distract the Ukrainians from the economic and social collapse Ukraine has come close to. However, there are Nazi fanatics in Ukraine – meaning all those who remain committed to the Nazi ideals. Backed by the West, they are restoring order in the country to their liking – cruel and untruthful in its essence, misinterpreting history. Can it be that the Europeans, once they have adopted an anti-Russia attitude, acting under the influence of their American patrons, have forgotten the horrors of WWII?

Ukrainian Neo-Nazis are on the march today, and only a blind person or a political adventurer will keep refusing to recognize this fact. Ahead of the EU-Ukraine summit, where the political chapter of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement will be signed, Ukraine’s self-proclaimed government is doing its utmost to impose its will on the Ukrainian people. They are simply ignoring the fact that after Ukraine’s attempt to establish closer ties with the European Union ended in failure, Ukraine is gradually losing its statehood. Maidan is determined to radically restructure history. And all this is being done regardless of the well-known facts, common sense and minimal logic.

Neo-Nazis want to bring to naught what the Russian nation did for Ukraine’s culture and statehood. Moreover, they want to deprive the country of all symbols, which serve as a reminder of the close roots of the Russians and the Ukrainians. A proposal has been made to regard the Russian population of Ukraine as a non-indigenous people and to deprive Kiev of the Hero-City title. Besides, there are plans to adopt a law allowing to justify or deny fascist crimes in public: kind of what could be termed as the Maidan-style pluralism. What was obvious for the whole only 70 years ago means very little for today’s Kiev, a political analyst, Sergei Chernyakhovsky, says.

“What we can see now is the result of the Neo-Nazi coup. It is interesting how the Western countries would react to the adoption of the previously mentioned law. Should the West not give a negative assessment of the developments in Ukraine and not break off contacts with the Neo-Nazis in Ukraine, this will offer proof of the European hypocrisy. Such a bill, if it appears, will show the Ukrainians who is at the helm in the country and who is doing what. Today the words of all those who favor what is known as the European values” are acquiring the form of clubs, beatings and appeals for shootings.”

It is not ruled out that soon Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) will introduce death penalty for contempt of government - the initiative, which is expected to be regarded by Europe as savagery. This is mentioned in a bill, entitled “On the immediate measures to repulse direct aggression of the Russian Federation”, put forward by one of the radical MPs. Taking into account the political and public misbalance, which some observers have already characterized as a collective madness and which is neither with the European traditions nor with the European standards, the adoption of such a law is real. However, top-level officials in Europe continue to turn a blind eye to the evident inadequacy of the Kiev regime, aiming to annoy Russia. It would be good to mention here that when Hitler emerged on the political arena and his career started, not only moderate but also liberal politicians dealt with him.

Statements to the effect that the Russian people in Ukraine are none other than diaspora seem crazy, Director of the Institute of Russia Abroad Sergei Panteleyev says.

“It is a complete misinterpretation of history and the denial of the nature of Ukraine as an inheritor of Kievan Rus – state that was linked with Russia by 1,000 –year history. And besides, it is unwillingness to recognize the ties existing not only between today’s Ukraine and Russia but also between Ukraine and Belarus. To say nothing of the common victory over fascism. Collaborationists have seized power in Ukraine now – collaborationists for whom all those who fought on Hitler’s side are heroes, and the victors and saviors of Europe – enemies.”

When will European politicians come to their senses? There is no answer to this question for the time being. What makes us hopeful is the fact that not all people in the EU countries as well as outside it share the Euro-Maidan views. One can hear more and more often words in support of Russia and the denunciation of Neo-Nazis in Kiev. For example, the leader of the Left parliamentary party in the Bundestag in Germany Gregor Gysi accused the West of the policy of double standards and of the encouragement of the radicals. The non-governmental anti-racist organization ANSWER coalition (the US) has a similar opinion. This is what its representative Sarah Sloan told the Voice of Russia.

"Washington and Brussels are ignoring these appeals though. President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy planned to make a visit to Russia, aiming to hear its stand but then he changed his mind, As people say, his colleagues disapproved his plans. For its part, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said Brussels simply does not want to learn the truth. As long as this destructive trend remains in force, the victorious march of Neo Nazis in Ukraine will continue to gain speed."

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