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In the US Maidan style insurrectionists would be killed – Bruce Gagnon

In the US Maidan style insurrectionists would be killed – Bruce Gagnon
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The US/NATO are engaged in destabilization operations in Ukraine in order to take control so that the oil corporations will have greater chance to control natural gas coming out of Russia and also to use Ukraine as a NATO base and put missile defense systems on Russia’s border. In Venezuela, which also has huge oil reserves, the same operations are taking place. The instruments include the National Endowment for Democracy, USAID as a key CIA player and funding from billionaires such as George Soros.

Bruce Gagnon the coordinator for the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space spoke about these issues and more and said Russia is being targeted more aggressively as resources begin to be available in the Arctic. He also underlines the hypocrisy of the US citing the fact that if anyone attempted to storm the houses of government and remove the elected government in the US they would be killed.

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This is John Robles. I'm speaking with Mr. Bruce Gagnon. He is the coordinator for the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space. This is part 1 of a longer interview. You can find the rest of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com.

Robles: Hello, Bruce, how are you this evening?

Gagnon: I'm good. Thank you very much.

Robles: Thanks for agreeing to speak with me. I wish it was on a better circumstances. I'd like to hear your views on what is going on in Ukraine. There is a huge amount of misinformation and disinformation going on almost to the level where it is frightening as to what they have planed. I was wondering if you could tell us a little bit about NATO's intentions and where you see the situation going.

Gagnon: Well, you know, I've been following this Ukraine story for a long time. Because of the work of my organization we are trying to prevent the arm's race from moving into space, so we've been very concerned about US and NATO missile defense deployment surrounding Russia.

So as this Ukraine situation has begun to unfold in the recent months, I was following it very closely and learning much more about it as we go along. And I really come to a conclusion that this whole operation is clearly a US/NATO operation of destabilization in order to take control of Ukraine so that the oil corporations will have greater chance to control natural gas coming out of Russia, but also they want to use Ukraine obviously as a NATO base over time and put its missile defense systems right there, on the Russian borders. I'm pretty convinced that is what this is all about.

Robles: You were one of the first persons who openly said (this goes back a couple of years ago) you openly said that the so called missile defense system is basically with a flick of a chip it is a first strike nuclear weapon. Do you hold to that or?

Gagnon: Yeah, but missile defense systems are key elements in the US first strike attack planning. The shield that would be used after the US first strike sword is launched: in this case the US would try to take out Russian nuclear forces and then Russia would fire its remaining retaliatory capability after the US first strike.

It will be then when the missile defense systems (the shield) will be used to try to pick off the retaliatory capability of Russia.

And the US is doing the same thing to China, encircling China with their missile defense systems based on land and based on sea, based on navy destroyers etc..

Robles: If you look at the map, why is Ukraine important?

Gagnon: As they say in business: location, location, location.

Ukraine is important as a missile defense location and a NATO base because it is right on Russia's border, it borders the Black Sea, they are strategically located.

But I think more importantly is the natural gas pipelines runing through Ukraine, moving Russian natural gas to Europe and to other places as well.

So if you could just imagine that NATO suddenly occupies Ukraine: what are the implications then to Russia's ability to move its natural gas? Well, clearly that becomes problematic. So I think this is really what it is all about.

Last night I found, I stumbled across an interesting video, the famous US State Department official Victoria Nuland who has been leading this whole Ukraine coup effort for the US and in this video, it was last December in Washington DC, Nuland had just come back from many trips to Ukraine, she came back to report to the oil companies as I'm calling it..

Robles: I'm sorry, Bruce, was this the video where… (this is a State Department US government official) was this the video where she was speaking with a Chevron logo off to the left behind her?

Gagnon: Yes the Chevron logo was to one side and the Exxon Mobile logo was to the other.

Robles: Right. Oh my…

Gagnon: At about seven and a half minute into the video, she says “we have invested $5 billion in these operations”. That is 5 “billion” with a “b”.

Clearly there can be no doubt at all that this has been a US and European sponsored coup d'état from the outset. I am not saying that there are some legitimate concerns that some of the people on the streets had with the Ukrainian government.

Of course there are, of course there will be. Let's be frank about it. That is really not what was driving this thing, this thing was all about US and NATO trying to take control.

Robles: I see. But that is one of the color revolution instruments or ways; they take a normal social issue and then exaggerate it and build on it until it explodes into what we saw on Maidan Square, basically.

Gagnon: Right now in Venezuela which also, as you know, has large amounts of oil, the US is destabilizing Venezuela today and one of the tools that they are using is the National Endowment for Democracy. That is the same National Endowment for Democracy I read had 65 projects going on in Ukraine.

So clearly the US taxpayers are funding this so called National Endowment for Democracy – it doesn't have anything to do with democracy, it has everything to do with regime change. And that is what it is all about.

And when you look at the boards of directors of the National Endowment for Democracy, you find some pretty shady characters are involved in this, people in the very extreme elements of US Republican and Democratic Party. That is the reality of it.

Robles: I've read reports that USAID was involved and this has been going on for about at least 10 years. The neo nazis have been training in Western Ukraine for about 10 years just for such a scenario. Apparently there is a release, I don't know if you know about it, it was on a site called Pando where they released USAID documents reportedly with George Sorros', EBay founder Pierre Omidyar from the Omidyar Network Foundation and of course the National Endowment for Democracy which you just mentioned which is funded by the US Congress. Can you expand on that? Do you know anything about those connections, with these NGOs?

Gagnon: I don't know as much about USAID but I do know that it is a well known CIA front group. I know that. So I'm sure that they get involved as well.

Today I also saw a story coming out of Turkey. It is reporting about MIT – the Turkish Intelligence Service with sending operatives into Crimea to work with Crimean Turks to act against the ethnic Russian majority and to help destabilize the situation there. And the report said that this was being coordinated with the US and the EU and NATO of course.

So this is what I believe is going to be happening down the road: the US and NATO will be working with all kinds of different operatives andsend in destabilization teams just like what is happening in Syria today. They will send in destabilization teams into the Crimea to instill violence, terrorism and everything else.

The US has been doing this for a long time. I learnt about this when I was in the Air Force in the 1970s during the Vietnam War. And I read the book called The Pentagon Papers, the Pentagon's secret history about how they destabilized Vietnam and created the pretext of war in Vietnam.

This modus operandi, or MO, is the way the US always works. It is the way they worked in Iraq, it is the way they worked in Afghanistan, it is the way they worked in Syria, they've been working that way in Iran now they are bringing it to Ukraine. I have no doubt about it.

I've long read that one of the goals of the US is to break Russia into even more pieces and one of the reasons of course besides the fact that Russia has the largest supply of natural gas in the world, is the Arctic. Because of climate change they are predicting there is not going to be any Arctic ice by the year 2015.

Robles: Right.

Gagnon: And all you have to do is look at the map of the Arctic and you see that Russia has a long border with half of the Arctic. When you look at the various countries along the Arctic – Russia is half of it. Clearly the US has been going to Canada, to Norway, to Sweden and getting them to install and expand their navies and military and to work through NATO to create a military capability to take control of the Arctic region. And so I believe that this is also a part of the longer term strategy which the US has today.

Robles: I see. Can you comment on couple of things here? First off there were some reports about a young man, he was apparently a Russian citizen, he was coming back from Maidan, he was caught at the border and he was part of the demonstrations and he said… (He was being questioned by the authorities and he was talking about everything he had seen there) … how anyone who was suspected of being against the coup was taken to a basement and shot in the head, he was talking about how they were taking police into backrooms and killing them, he said that there were 50 Americans on Maidan Square when they were beating police with steel pipes and everything. Can you comment on that? Do you know anything about that?

Gagnon: I have no idea if that is true or not, but I would say to you that it would not at all surprise me because this is the kind of thing that, again historically, the US does. They send in special operation forces, they send in various kinds of people whether they are military or whether they are private mercenary types, and they send them in to train, to direct, to foment a lot of these violent terrorist situations.

So we know that in Syria the US has been doing just that very thing. We know that in Iran, the US for years, it's been reported in the New Yorker magazine by Seymour M. Hersh, the great journalist, that the US has been sending terrorist operatives into Iran for years, blowing up things, killing people. Clearly it is the modus operandi of the military industrial complex and their corporate allies.

Robles: I see. They actually have recordings done during the height of the most violent clashes on Maidan there were people screaming at each other, instructions in English. I thought that was kind of a little shocking.

How can US officials (I don't know if there has been complete media blackout in the US) but how can US officials back these people? How can they say that these are peaceful demonstrators? How can they call them legitimate when what they did was storm the houses of government, put themselves on the seats of governing bodies and call themselves the government? There was no referendum, there was no vote..

Gagnon: I have to say that I was a part of the Occupy Movement here in the US a couple of years ago when it was going strong and we saw that the Obama Administration from the White House issued a directive to police departments all over America to shut down the Occupy Movement and they went in and they beat people, they bulldozed the camps, they beat them, they arrested them, they put them in jail, all that kind of thing..If tomorrow the Occupy Movement in the USA tried to invade the White House, tried to invade the Congress of the US, tried to take over various government buildings in Washington they would be shot, they would be killed, I promise you, they would be killed.

And the American people would be told that these people are terrorists and they have to be stopped.

That was the end of part 1 of an interview with Bruce Gagnon, the coordinator for the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space. Stay with us.

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