3 March 2014, 04:50

French journalist accuses Ukraine's new government of infringing human rights

The Editor-in-Chief of the French website realpolitik.tv Aymeric Chauprade is a military analyst, an expert in the events in Russia and a close associate of Marine Le Pen. In one of his recent articles, Mr. Chauprade called the support of the Ukrainian opposition by the US “the US’s aggression against Russia”.

It looks like the slogan “Drang nach Osten!”, which in fact dominated in Europe’s policy towards Russia within the entire 20th century, is still determining Europe’s actions in connection with the situation in Ukraine, Aymeric Chauprade writes. In fact, the US and Europe are using the openly nationalistic Ukrainian political forces, which started the uprising at Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square in Ukraine’s capital Kiev, for the same role as Nazi Germany used the so-called “Russian Liberation Army”, which was in fact pro-Nazi and tried to depict the German Nazis as liberators of the Russian people.

Mr. Chauprade, in your article, you are calling some West European politicians “chairborne pyromaniacs” who have decided to play with fire by setting one part of Ukraine on the other and are now dissatisfied that Russian “firemen” may come to stop their “fun”. However, it would be only fair if these “pyromaniacs” are made to bear responsibility for their dangerous games, you write. Please say some more words about what you meant by that.

I believe, at present, there is no legitimate government in Ukraine. The current government has not been elected by the people – it in fact came to power as a result of a coup. One may like Mr. Yanukovich or not, but I insist that he is still the legitimate president of Ukraine. The current Ukrainian “government” is closely cooperating with nationalistic groups who are openly infringing the basic rights of ethnic Russians in the country. They want to separate the Ukrainian Orthodox Christian Church from the Russian Orthodox Church. Of course, Russia cannot stay idle when pogroms against ethnic Russians are taking place in Ukraine. As for the Crimea Peninsula, it officially has a status of an autonomous formation within Ukraine. There are concrete laws in Ukraine that defend the interests of ethnic Russians in Crimea, but the current Ukrainian “authorities” are openly ignoring them. I believe that Russia’s reaction to such a situation is quite well thought out. After all, Russia has not introduced its armed forces to Ukraine so far. Russia is trying to solve the conflict in Crimea by separating the conflicting sides. The conflict must not be let to reach the point when former civilians would start to arm themselves, Russia is convinced. Still, Russia believes it can reserve its right to support ethnic Russians in Crimea with force. As you probably remember, recently, France introduced its military forces to Mali in order to stop bloodshed there. Someone would probably call it an aggression, but I would call it a humanitarian mission. And I believe, the same would be true if Russia introduces its forces to Ukraine. After all, Russia borders with Ukraine, and it would only be natural for Russia to try to maintain peace near its borders.

Recently, the website of France’s National Front Party was attacked by hackers. By the way, the site of the Russian TV company Russia Today was also attacked. Do you link these two hackers’ attacks with the position of Marine Le Pen concerning the situation in Ukraine?

I am convinced that there is a close connection between the attack on our website and the events in Ukraine. In fact, our site has never come under such strong hacker attacks before. The attackers were obviously highly qualified hackers, and the attack was obviously well and thoroughly planned. Moreover, it happened right at the moment when I decided to place a communiqué of the National Front that declares our party’s official position concerning the events in Ukraine and Russia’s reaction on them. In a way, we are already in the state of a war. The National Front is convinced that it is acting for balance between nations and within the international laws. As for the situation in Ukraine, we are assessing it as follows: we believe that the Ukrainian party Svoboda (“Freedom”) and some other radical nationalistic Ukrainian parties are carrying out an aggression against the Ukrainian people with the support of the US and some countries of the European Union. And people who want peace and justice in Ukraine should respond to this aggression not with also aggressive, but with well-considered and peaceful actions. President Obama does not probably realize that by his ill-considered actions, he has provoked a real storm. Probably he believes that the only way for the US to finally get out of the economic crisis is to unveil a large-scale armed conflict, if not a global war. After all, it is in the traditions of the US to try to solve any conflict in any part of the world by interfering into it with force.

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