2 March 2014, 20:54

Putin's stance on Crimea is message for West to stop hidden aggression against Ukraine

Putin's stance on Crimea is message for West to stop hidden aggression against Ukraine

In a recent phone talk with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Vladimir Putin said that Russia would not stand still  if violation against ethnic Russians continues in Ukraine. However, of course, Russia would act within the framework of international law. 

Last night, Putin also had phone talks with President Obama and said practically the same thing. Putin believes that the new government which was formed in Ukraine several days ago, in fact, supports the actions of radical nationalists.

Last night, the UN, on a request from Ukraine, convoked an extra meeting to discuss the situation in Ukraine. In his speech at the meeting, Russia’s permanent envoy in the UN Vitaly Churkin said that Russia insists that the crisis in Ukraine should be solved only by constitutional means. He also believes that another government should be formed in Ukraine, a government that would meet the interests of all the Ukrainian people.

"We should try to think reasonably and not give way to emotions," Churkin said. "We should try to persuade Ukrainians to adhere only to legitimate means in their attempts to solve the crisis. Ukraine should return to fulfilling the agreement that was signed by Germany’s, Poland’s and France’s foreign ministers on February 21. A government of national unity should be formed in Ukraine. And, any kinds of political forces in Ukraine should by no means turn to violence against their opponents, be it a conflict between people of different political convictions or of different nationalities. Violence can only lead to a nationwide tragedy. And this is what Russia is doing – trying to help Ukraine to avoid bloodshed."

In response to a call from residents of the Crimea Peninsula in Ukraine to Russia to help them, on Saturday, the Russian parliament’s upper house recognized the right of President Putin to introduce Russian armed forces to Crimea if this turns to be necessary. However, this does not mean that Mr. Putin will order to do this right now. By the decision to do this if necessary, Russian authorities are hoping that this would make advocates of a bloody revolution in Ukraine – not as much in the current Ukrainian government than in Brussels and Washington – think twice before adhering to a scenario of a real war.

In an interview with the Voice of Russia, Russian political analyst Igor Shishkin said:

"By the decision to introduce its forces to Crimea if necessary, Russia is in fact sending a message to the West that the latter should stop what I cannot qualify any other way than the West’s hidden aggression against Ukraine. After President Yanukovych refused to sign an agreement that would have integrated Ukraine into the European Union, the West started to support political forces in Ukraine who are trying to overthrow Yanukovych, not stopping at adhering to violence. How would you call this, if not the West’s aggression against Ukraine’s legitimate authorities? Russia has called on the West several times to reject from using force and to try to solve any disputable questions through talks. The only response of the West was provoking even more violence in Ukraine. Fortunately, at present, thanks mainly to activities of some political forces in eastern and southern Ukraine and to Russia’s principal position, there are some chances that the situation in Ukraine may finally come back to normal. What is necessary now is to stop street fights and to sit down at the negotiating table. This is the only way to make the situation calmer. Then, it is necessary to hold democratic and honest elections in Ukraine – not at the point of guns like some right-wing forces in Ukraine want, but with the participation of foreign observers. A new democratically elected government should be formed in Ukraine. As for the current Ukrainian government, formed mostly of the opposition’s members, I cannot call them any other way than usurpers."

The current Ukrainian government has announced a nationwide mobilization. After that, quite a few Ukrainian military people left the army, unwilling to serve a government that they don’t support. The weapons abandoned by them are coming into the hands of self-organized brigades who are trying to maintain order in the regions. Meanwhile, the aggravated situation in Ukraine is making more and more people flee from the country. The situation is becoming really catastrophic. According to the data of the Russian Border Service, only since the beginning of 2014, 675,000 Ukrainians fled to Russia. If the chaos in Ukraine continues, this would most likely only increase the number of refugees.

Voice of Russia

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