6 February 2014, 21:35

Sochi Olympics: We're waiting for something extraordinary, colorful and majestic – famous circus artist Zapashny

Sochi Olympics: We're waiting for something extraordinary, colorful and majestic – famous circus artist Zapashny

Circus! This word sparks warm memories in people all over the globe. The dynasty of Zapashny is believed to be one of the oldest and most talented in the world of circus arts. This is the dynasty of great artists and workaholics who are capable of literally everything. Everything that can be described by the word collocation – the magic of circus. The Zapashny are lion and tiger tamers, tightrope walkers, jugglers, equestrian vaulters, and figure skaters since recently. In addition, they are Olympic torch bearers and participants of the Olympics’ closing ceremony. Askold Zapashny told in an interview to the Voice of Russia what sports events he prefers and who is he going to root for during the Winter Games in Sochi.

You are in Sochi now. What is the atmosphere in the city ahead of the start of the Games?

It depends on what one has come here for. There are fans. There are people who work here. As a circus arts representative, I can say the Olympics and my craft have something in common. Surely, we're waiting for something extraordinary, colorful and majestic. The majority of athletes are feeling very nervous, realizing it's their chance to show what they've accomplished.

What sports events do you prefer? And who are you going to root for?

I might not be very original saying that I'm interested in figure skating, hockey, and biathlon. These sports are not only typical for Russia but also very entertaining. Besides, for many people they are a hobby.

You're engaged in preparing the closing ceremony of the Sochi Olympics. Could you tell us a little bit more about the opening and closing ceremonies?

Unfortunately, I can't answer your questions as under Olympic rules we should keep it a secret. And I can't say how many actors are going to take part in both ceremonies. Let spectators see everything with their own eyes.

In January 2014, the 38th festival of circus arts was held under the auspices of Princess Stephanie in Monaco. Russian artists participated in it. Could you tell us about this festival?

I can compare the Circus Arts Festival in Monaco with the Olympics. Artists start preparing for it beforehand, dreaming of taking part in it and winning prizes. This year turned out to be fruitful and we were able to demonstrate the progress we'd made to foreign spectators. My brother and I, heading the Moscow Circus as a director and artistic director respectively, did a great job in order to win prizes we managed to get in Monaco.

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