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The US and its allies: a horror show that must stop – John Shipton

The US and its allies: a horror show that must stop – John Shipton
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For many Australians it is embarrassing the way the Australian Government blindly obeys whatever the US tells it to do. Even joining in the US’ illegal wars. The scorched earth policy of divide and conquer, decimate and destroy, destabilize and control is in stark contrast to the efforts of the Russian Federation, the BRICS and SCO countries. In an exclusive interview with the Voice of Russia, John Shipton, the Executive Officer of the WikiLeaks Party in Australia gave his views on those issues and much more. Having just returned from a fact finding mission to Syria Mr. Shipton praised Russian diplomatic skills and Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, whose efforts he called triumphs, second to none. Mr. Shipton and the WikiLeaks Party believe that the Russian President and Foreign Ministry are forces for peace. Peace which will allow development and growth. He contrasted these positive forces with the US and its allies who wish to restrict development so that they will have no competition. He called it a “phenomenon” that the US has destroyed 73 countries and killed 26 million people since 1945 and said is must stop.

Hello this is John Robles I’m speaking with Mr. John Shipton, he’s the Chief Executive Officer of the Wikileaks Party in Australia. This is part one of a longer interview.

Robles: My first question is regarding your feelings about the Australian government’s lack of any kind of support for Julian Assange if you could touch on that…

Shipton: The Australian government’s treatment of Julian is appalling and savage. It’s been 3.5 years and still nothing is done. Even to the extent the mass Swedish mass newspaper Aftonbladet is now running a debate on whether the investigation, the questioning, was wrong. The issue of a warrant was incorrect, the European arrest warrant was incorrect and the whole matter ought to be dropped straight away. Still the Australian government won’t respond and won’t do anything.

Robles: How likely do you think that is going to happen? That Swedish authorities will drop the allegations because there are no charges, Julian hasn’t been charged with anything at all? They are just allegations. So, the whole thing is completely ridiculous.

Shipton: Yes, when they wanted him for questioning Julian went and answered their questions and they indicated that Julian was free to go, free to leave. As soon as he got on the airplane, they issued a European Arrest Warrant. These people are only acting at the behest of others.

Robles: Do you think it is likely that the Swedish authorities would drop everything in the near future?

Shipton: My feeling is that it is becoming more and more likely as the embarrassment to the Swedish judicial system increases, and as now all of the evidences is available as well as the falsification of evidence by the prosecuting investigators, and also the shopping around for three prosecutors and now finally another prosecutor has been appointed.

Robles: The fourth one now?

Shipton: Yes.

Robles: Moving away from that right now if we could. You recently were on a trip to Syria, on a fact-finding mission for the Wikileaks Party. Some of the right wing in your country were very critical of that. Can you tell us about that trip to Syria and what you saw and what that was about?

Shipton: We were well received in Syria and we spoke with a lot of ordinary people. Mostly we were concerned with the damage that sanctions do to the provision of medical health. The Australian right-wing as far as geopolitics is concerned, the Australian Government, differs not at all from the American government, from the United States.

Robles: Some people call it another lapdog for the US. Would you characterize Australia that way?

Shipton: Yes, I think it embarrasses me entirely, the way the Australian Government just obeys whatever the US requests of it, even to the extent of them backing an illegal war and invasion of Iraq.

Robles: Is there anything legally that you can do or that is being done? Surely it must be against the Australian constitution or the legal framework for the Australian government to ignore their citizen in need, namely Julian Assange. Is there anything that could be done that hasn’t been tried yet legally or constitutionally to get them to act?

Shipton: We pursue every avenue that the solicitors make available to us and lawyers make available to us, and I am sure Julian’s legal advisors do the same. But they are recalcitrant, they simply refuse to do anything.

Robles: Back to Syria and geopolitics: what is your view on Russian president Vladimir Putin and his handling of the situation in Syria and Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov?

Shipton: The Russian diplomatic skills are a triumph, and with the Shanghai Cooperative Organization, the BRICs last year in Far East and this year Syria and the Ukraine. There is diplomatic triumph second to none, and in our view the Russian President and Foreign Ministry people wish to bring peace to allow development.

The US and its allies wish to restrict development so that they will have no competition. This is the truth of the matter. They just wish to have states that are dependent ill organized and not undergoing any social or industrial development at all.

Robles: What about the role of promoting war and promoting peace? How would you rate Russia as opposed to the US in Syria?

Shipton: I think Russia, because it wishes to develop and it wishes its allies to develop, is a force for peace in the world along with the BRICs.

Those who don’t want development and don’t want nations to have peace so that they can develop are the US and its allies.

Robles: And in what ways would you say it is profitable for the US and its allies to, for example: decimate and destroy countries and keep an ongoing endless war… ?

Shipton: That is the phenomenon of the US. Since 1945 they’ve destroyed 73 countries and were directly involved in the deaths of 26 million people. It is a horror show. It just must stop!

Robles: That is a lot of countries. And they just want to continue that endlessly. Can you tell us a little bit about what you saw, actually, in Syria first hand?

Shipton: First hand, we experienced the random mortar fire that happens every night as the insurgents that come into, as close as they can, into the heart of Damascus and fire random mortar shells and heavy machine gun fire and then run away.

So, 350 meters from where we were staying a mortar shell landed and claimed some lives. So, we’ve experienced that. That happened every night.

Robles: You just said these were the insurgents coming in, they come in and strike and move out, right? Did you see any Syrian military forces bombing Damascus?

Shipton: No, not at all. In fact, the people of Damascus, the Syrian people of Damascus make every effort to make life continue as normal even under the difficulties of 3 hours electricity a day.

Robles: Did you witness a mass hatred or anti-Assad feelings among the population?

Shipton: No, most of the rhetoric we experienced was distress about what is happening to the country and they focus on the involvement of Saudi Arabia in organizing and financing “the Gulf States”, in organizing and financing this terrorist plague that extends from Malaysia right through to the Balkans.

Robles: This terrorist plague you are talking about, we know Saudi Arabia is backing and controlling it, I mean Saudi prince himself admitted that he controls the terrorist groups in Syria. Of course, he is not working by himself, Saudi Arabia has the perennial support of the US. Who do you think is really behind this? Maybe a redundant question but….

Shipton: Yes, it doesn’t take much to understand the true nature… that the movement of thousands of men and the missions that are required and the movement of troops through Turkey requires more influence and logistical adeptness than Saudi Arabia has.

So, we can safely assume that as the activity in the north of Syria is next to the Incirlik base in Turkey, that NATO is involved, either passively or actively involved. And as the logistics are great, it must also be the American security services involved.

This is the technique that the US developed over the last 70 years of destroying a country from within. They don’t really invade because from their experience its unnecessary, in the case of Iraq they… I don’t know what they thought but in the case of Iraq the went in and destroyed it and made it obvious to everybody that the American military is a huge weapon with no effect.

Robles: Do you see that “internal destruction machinery” working in Ukraine right now?

Shipton: Yes, similar techniques. First of all the Color Revolutions in Ukraine’s case worked for a little while and then the Ukrainian people naturally went with their sister nation Mother Russia.

That failing, the EU in US setup an organization which has got an NGO, in your country, a non-government organization, they are financed by one or another group in America, for example the Open Society Group run by George Soros, but they have got problems.

The Color Revolution having failed now they financed the gains, the discontented and the malcontents and disgruntled into moving against the elected government of the Ukraine, an “elected government”!

And the EU and the US wish to kick out an elected government and replace it with a group that is more favorable to them.

Robles: Can you comment on that? They are supporting the worst neo-Nazi nationalist elements in Ukraine. These are people that are saying: “We can’t let the country be run by “an expletive for black people” and “expletive for Jews” and an “expletive for Russians”.

They say those people are trying to take over Ukraine and the US is supporting these people. Victoria Nuland is handing them cookies on Independent Square. And in Syria it is the same thing these homicidal maniacal murderous Al-Qaeda (lunatics really) are being supported also by the US and being armed and being called “freedom fighters”. Can you comment on this so-called “opposition”?

Shipton: To destroy a country from the inside you need savages and barbarians, and that is what all of these pseudo games are composed of.

They are really mercenaries and you may notice that they do all their savage work against hospitals, against schools, against men and women in ordinary life going about their business. Against children, that is appalling.

It is a plague that the United Nations, the group of nations must get together and stop.

Robles: You are absolutely right and I don’t think that has been brought up too much anywhere but… The same thing happened in Russia, in Beslan, where they attacked a school and killed children, I mean, in Latakia, Syria, 426 children brutally murdered in order to bring about a pretext for the invasion they wanted, and I am sure the western media, they are not wanting that to be publicized at all, no one is really calling for investigation into exactly who killed those 426 children. Unbelievable.

I would say they are cowards, wouldn’t you?

Shipton: They are cowards and also in my view they are maniacs, they are savages. The social bonds that hold us together and prevent us doing those things they intent to break.

They destroy schools… and how you subdue people. How you subdue them and make them passive is you murder the babies. This has been a policy in Iraq, in Afghanistan, I mean you don’t see it in writing but you see the policy enacted the blowing up of wedding parties, and the blowing up of funerals.

All of the things that bind groups together and make them healthy, they attack and destroy.

End of Part 1

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