22 January 2014, 14:05

Green Libyan flags are waving once again - Interview

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In an interview with the Voice of Russia unconfirmed reports were received regarding a popular uprising of former "Green" forces in Libya. The speakers claimed that the Green forces have liberated the entire south of the country from Al-Qaeda and its affiliated groups and that Libyan embassies abroad have begun to fly green flags over their compounds. James and Joanne Moriarty and Ahmed Muftah are all representatives of the tribes of Libya and in this interview they relate how the tribal people of Libya are fighting Al-Qaeda and taking their country back and state that more than 95% of the Libyan people are against the currently installed puppet government.

Hello, this is John Robles. I'm speaking with James and Joanne Moriarty and Ahmed Muftah. He is a representative of the tribes of Libya, he is in southern Libya at the current time.

Robles: Hello, Joanne and James and Ahmed. Nice to be speaking with all of you.

James Moriarty: Hi John and Mufti. Thank you, John, for having us on again.

Robles: Great pleasure to be speaking with you. Listen, Joanne, what is going on in Libya? Not too much news coming out of there right now.

Joanne Moriarty: Oh there is a huge amount of things happening inside Libya right now. The Great Green Resistance which is the Libyan patriotshave gone back into their country and they now own the south and they are taking the north as we speak. Their green flag is flying again in the south and in many cities in Libya. That means that Libya will be free shortly and back with the Green patriotic Republic.

Robles: Wow, this is unbelievable. Ahmed, can you give us some details about what is going on?

Muftah: Yes, my friend. My country's fully armed,now we have the chance to look again at the situation there on the ground. We have, I'm speaking with you as representative for the tribes in the south and for the people of Libya including all of the Libyan tribes in southern Libya.

Robles: Last time we talked, the situation was very bad. It was basically like Al Qaeda had taken over the entire country. So, you are saying things have changed.

Muftah: Now our friends say, I told you we are speaking as people of Libya which is consisted of all Libyan tribes in southern Libya decided to defend ourselves against the militias and the criminal groups from Qatar, from abroad who are supported by the mercenaries from Qatar and Suadi and they are attacked and bombed the civilian people in towns, they are part from our country, from Libya.

They are supported by the so called government in Tripoli. There is no government, there are some officials but it's a puppet group and puppet people and puppet government. They live with great privilege, there's no control We do not have a feeling of a consent.

There is no support of the global humanitarian organization. Now the real bombing of the civilian population in south and north Libya and we are being bombed by Sudanese pilots and the payment is made to them from the Qatar state.

That is the truth which you have to know and the world has to know. And our friends around the world have to know it's the truth.

Sudanese pilots are used by the Qatar state and they rent them from Qatar, money to use them to bombing civilian Libyan people in south of Libya.

Robles: How many of these Al Qaeda fighters now are there in Libya approximately would you say? How many different groups and how many of these militias are still in the country?

Muftah: About 1,500 groups

Joanne Moriarty: 1,500 groups.

Muftah: In places, yes 1,500 groups from different places.

Robles: I see. How many people have died so far in the fighting? Is the fighting going on right now?

Muftah: Yes, more than 30civilian people have been killed, in Qafa [3: 16] as a result of bombing by war planes.Like I told you, flown by Sudanese pilots.

Joanne Moriarty: These are war planes sent by the Libyan government.

Robles: OK, and he mentioned Sudan, did he say Sudanese forces or something? I couldn't understand what he said.

Joanne Moriarty: Yes there are Sudanese pilots flying these war planes; they are paid by Qatar.

Robles: Oh, these are Libyan planes being flown by Sudanese pilots? I don't understand the connection with Qatar.

Joanne Moriarty: Qatar ispaying the pilots to fly.

Robles: Ok, and they are supposed to be supporting the Al Qaeda elements in the country or the government?

Muftah: They support the puppet government and Al Qaeda group. This is the truth.

Robles: I see. So basically what happened at the beginning when Muammar Gaddafi was assassinated: NATO came in, they supported Al Qaeda with their air war, Al Qaeda took over the country, now they are running the country and now Libyan patriots are coming back and you are getting rid of these Al Qaeda elements from Libya. You say, there is 1,500 or more groups. How many people are there, and how many people do you have on your side?

Muftah: No, no, it's all the people with us, the Libyan people, all the Libyan people are with us. All the civilian people with us and are supporting us you know.

Joanne Moriarty: All of them would agree resistance, he said, all of the Libyans.

Robles: I'm interested in numbers, are we talking millions, hundreds of thousands, thousands, five hundred people?

Joanne Moriarty: We are talking millions of Libyans, we are talking 95% plus of the population.

Robles: I see. Is the general civilian population arming itself? What is going on with most of the civilians?

Joanne Moriarty: Are the civilians fighting, Muftah?

Muftah: Yes, yes these are civilian people, they are fighting the militia and Al Qaeda groups are bombing and attacking the civilian people in the south part where thetribes are attacked by militia in Tripoli.There is the group attacking our strong people, led people, they defended their ...

Joanne Moriarty: They defeated them. Yes, they defeated them.

Robles: I see, and the capital right now, what is going on in the capital?

Muftah: In?

Robles: What's going on in the capital? Muftah, you're in the South of Libya, right?

Muftah: Yes.

Robles: What's going on in Tripoli, do you know?

Muftah: Yes, in Tripoli, as I told you. I told you many, many tribes. So the the people are attacking.

Robles: I see. Have you heard anything about the South Korean trade official who was kidnapped today? Have you heard anything about the South Korean trade official who was kidnapped in Tripoli today?

Muftah: We don't care anymore about kidnapping processes, you know, because every day they kidnap many foreigners, every day they kidnap civilian people. Today they kidnapped 2 Britons, two women from Italy, they have been to (inaudible) it is part of Libya. On the same day they kidnapped an American and others in Tripoli. And this is happening every day. We don't care about and we don't talk about this problem. It's happening every day.

Robles: So you would say now the south of the country, is this about 50% of the country - how much do you think is under the control of the Libyan patriots and the tribes?

Muftah: All the south parts of our country are under control of Libyan patriots consisting of all Libyan tribes in southern of Libya.

Robles: Ok. What about the north, how much do you guys control the north?

Muftah: We try to, we go ahead, we go ahead, we go towards and we have to left control for south to defend, because there are others. it is the right of the Libyan people to know the truth who will not regret about the difference of ourland

Robles: Now, do you have any, have you made any gains in the north?

Muftah: Yes, this is our land. And we don't care about north, south,all of parts it is our land, our country.

Robles: I understand. I am asking you, is there fighting going on in the north?

Muftah: Yes in Tripoli. Yes in Tripoli now there is a fighting between tribes and terrorist groups from Al Qaeda.

James Moriarty: Let me help a little bit.

Robles: Yes please. James, I'd like to know what kind of advances they are making and I am trying to picture the map in my head about what areas are controlled by the tribes and what are controlled with these Al Qaeda elements, if you can help, please. Benghazi and Tripoli, they are on the north, they are on the coast there.

James Moriarty: John, if you go from the south up to Bani Walid. Bani Walid is now flying the green flag at every entrance and exit from that city. The worship (inaudible) tribe which is a very strong tribe, they just won a major battle in Tripoli with Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood and these radicals, they won a major battle in Tripoli, they are continuing to move forward in Tripoli.

They are on the east side of the country, Tobruk, to break many, many locations in Benghazi to fly the green flag. There are green flags flying like in Al-Zawiyah that is the far west side. In fact there are many embassies; you should ask Muftah about which embassies, foreign embassies, I mean the Libyan embassies outside of Libya many of the ambassadors have started to run up the green flag because they were not happy with the phony puppet governmentthat the United States put in there. But ask Muftah about the ambassadors that are running green flags now.

Robles: Wow, that would be great, OK. Ahmed Muftah, did you hear what James said? Can you tell us, in which countries are green flags flying over Libyan embassies?

Muftah: Our flag is the green flag lately and south part is under control of Libyan tribes. The puppet government, they don't have any control of south parts of Libya. My dear friends must know that there is fighting and the battle between Al Qaeda and the civilian Libyan people.

Robles: I see. James, go ahead.

James Moriarty: Outside of Libya there are embassies that are backing or behind Libyan embassies in foreign countries, that are backing the patriots in Libya and they have put up the green flag in Libyan embassies in other countries. Do you know the names of some of those countries where the Libyan embassies are now are flying the green flag?

Muftah: We don't have it here. But I heard from our friends now that many Libyan embassies abroad have the green flag on our embassies. But I will not be able to clarify exactly which country and which embassy.

James Moriarty: OK, If you could do that, if you could find that information out we would like to pass that back to John so we can add it when he does this broadcast, because that is very important for people to know that there are Libyan offices, outside of Libya, that are behind the patriots, the legitimate Libyan people.

Robles: Yeah, that would be very interesting. I think that it would be very important to underline that, especially if that is taking place in many different countries. I think that would be a very important sign that power is going back to the people in Libya. James and Joanne, how much more time do you, guys, have? I understand you are short on time.

Joanne Moriarty: Yeah, I need to jump off, John. We have another guy standing in the wings right now.

Robles : Joanne, would you like to finish up with anything? Did you have anything you would like to add?

Joanne Moriarty: I would just like to say that the Libyans are fighting the world enemy- Al Qaeda- by themselves. They need to be supported, they need to be honored and they need help from the world and they need the truth put out about who they are fighting. They are brave people going in there to take their country back.

Robles: Who is supporting them militarily, do you know, Joanne?

Joanne Moriarty: Are there? Nobody right now, I don't think. Hey Muftah is anybody supporting you militarily from outside Libya?

Muftah: No, never. It is just civilian people, different groups, tribe citizens.

Joanne Moriarty: John, this is planned and they have a plan. They are doing what their plan is to take back their country.

Robles: I see. So they are engaged in pretty much … I mean, this is like grassroots guerilla warfare they are engaged in or what? It doesn't sound like they are very well armed or anything.

Joanne Moriarty: Well, I think they have taken some arms from the other groups inside already, in the south especially. Yeah,I've seen pictures of many many tanks and other people, they have a lot of tribes supporting them, all the tribes.

Robles: I see, I see.

Muftah: All the tribes support the patriots and support civilian people and Libyan tribes in the south partsof Libya. And all of them now are calling for help, calling for support. Now there is a fighting between Libyan people and Al Qaeda terrorist groups.

Robles: I see. Do you see any insight on that, Muftah?

Muftah: It depends on the situation, as soon as there are mercenaries andas soon as Qatar stops its support to Al Qaeda terrorist groups inside, we are ready to finish end between our countries. We will back,this is our decision, we fight Al Qaeda, we attack Al Qaeda, we defeat Al Qaeda.

Robles: Do you have a forecast for taking Tripoli? Because you are going to have to take Tripoli to take back the country of course. Any idea on that?

Joanne Moriarty: I've got to go, John, we will make another appointment.

Robles: Ok, thank you very much, Joanne.

Joanne Moriarty: You are welcome.

Robles: Ahmed, thank you very much. I really appreciate.

Muftah: Thank you.

Robles: And, James, you too.

James Moriarty: Thank you, God bless you.

Robles: Ok, bye-bye.

That was the end of an interview with James and Joanne Moriarty and Ahmed Muftah, representatives of the tribes of Libya. Thank you very much for listening. And as always we wish you the best wherever you may be.

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