15 January 2014, 13:20

'Geneva-2 gives all Syrians a chance to put an end to terrorism'- Syrian UN representative

'Geneva-2 gives all Syrians a chance to put an end to terrorism'- Syrian UN representative

Bashar Ja'afari, Syria's permanent representative to the United Nations, explained to the Voice of Russia why he had sent a letter to the UN Security Council and Secretary General, in which he accused Saudi Arabia's authorities of supporting terrorist groups active in the territory of the Arab Republic, as well as his expectations of the upcoming Geneva-2 peace conference.

In the official letters that you sent you accused Saudi Arabia of financing and supporting Al Qaeda in Syria. It was not the first time that Damascus has made such statements. Did you mention specific facts in your letters?

We have been living in war conditions for almost three years. And we have indeed raised the issue of extremism with the Security Council many times, as well as at the UN Counter-Terrorism Committee. We have many times pointed the attention of the international organization to the continuous active interference of the Saudi state in the internal affairs of a sovereign country. It is not simply financing terrorists, who are fighting in Syria, but also training them, arming them and sending them onto the Syrian territory.

We have sent an appeal to the Security Council multiple times, in which we gave the names and the countries of citizenship of the terrorists killed on Syrian territory. Specifically, in the last letter we gave hundreds of names of Saudi people, who were hired to kill. We also gave the proof.

As far as I know, your previous letters yielded no result. What goal did you have in mind while sending yet another appeal?

We use the norms of the international law. When one UN member state officially accuses another UN member state of supporting terrorism, it means that the accused side must respond to such accusation and either state its innocence or plead guilty. That means that Saudi Arabia is to answer the questions listed in all our appeals. It has to explain who those 178 Saudi terrorists killed in Syria were whose names we stated in the last letter, as well as those three hundred hired killers whose names were stated in previous letters.

We are dealing and will continue to deal with Riyadh using the language of law, figures and facts. According to our information, of the terrorists acting in Syria, 15% are from Saudi Arabia. Specifically, that includes the leaders of Jabhat al-Nusra, of the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham and a number of other groups. All these facts have been presented to the United Nations and will be presented to the participants of the Geneva-2 conference.

What are you expecting of the opposition at the upcoming conference?

The Syrian government is planning to send a delegation to the conference without any conditions as far as negotiations with other participants go. We want to meet with the people who feel responsible for Syria. First of all we intend to discuss the issue of proliferation of terrorism.

Do you hope that Geneva-2 will serve as a beginning of the resolution of the Syrian conflict?

There is no doubt that the Geneva-2 gives all Syrians a chance to put an end to terrorism and foreign interference in the internal affairs of our country. This conference is a chance for all those who believe in peaceful resolution of the Syrian crisis and future restoration of Syria after the war.

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