10 January 2014, 03:42

Highly radioactive water from Fukushima reaches California beaches?

Highly radioactive water from Fukushima reaches California beaches?

Fukushima is not to blame for increased radiation levels at California beaches. That’s the verdict according to analysis by independent experts. Authorities sent teams to measure radiation along the San Mateo County coast in response to a video posted on YouTube by an unidentified author.In a seven-minute video, a man holding a Geiger counter is walking through Pacifica State Beach near San Francisco. The counter indicates fluctuating radiation levels – at times five times higher than normal.

The author says in his blog he’s been taking radiation measurements in the area for over two years. In late December, he spotted a sudden increase in the radiation level. He claims this is the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster.

The video titled “Fukushima hits San Francisco” has been watched by more than half a million viewers.

Local health officials reiterated on Tuesday that the beach radiation did not pose a public hazard.

Nevertheless, they forwarded the matter to the US Environmental Protection Agency. So far, it’s not clear if any further enquiry will follow.

Joining me on the phone is Jeff Rense, a host and producer of his own nationally syndicated worldwide Talk Radio Program. He is also Editor-in-Chief of Rense.com news website.

Thank you so much for joining us, Jeff. That sounds like a really scary video. How bad is the situation now? And what’s the reaction been by people who saw the video on the YouTube?

Good morning, Angela! Thank you! The reaction ranges from mockery to extreme concern. That’s why so many people are watching the video. The video was sent to me directly by the man who made it. I posted it at rense.com, someone picked it up and took off with it, and that’s why it has gone viral.

He made it very intelligent. He makes no claim that this is absolutely linked to Fukushima. All he is doing is presenting the data that he gathered at the beach he frequently goes to. He understands radioactivity and he makes routine rounds with his Geiger counter just to check.

The word is very simply that the California State Department of Health, as expected, is denying there is any linkage or any public health risk from the Fukushima triple meltdown.

Now, how they can make that statement remains a mystery to most of us who studied the problem, because there had been a number of models done by scientists on dilution in the ocean. Keeping in mind that Fukushima has been releasing for… well, in March it will be three years 400 admitted by TEPCO, 400 metric tons of highly radioactive water into the ocean.

Now, three years at 400 tons a day. We feel they don’t know what they are talking about, because most of the leakages are occurring underground from a water flow that goes under the plant from the mountains behind it. It could be a thousand tons a day. But let’s just say 400 tons a day at three year.

Imagine, you get yourself a cup of coffee. It is black and you pour milk into it. It disperses throughout the coffee and changes the colour. Much the same thing has happened to the Pacific Ocean with radioactive nuclides. You can’t see them, but they are there.

The question has always been one of dilution. Some of the early prognostications were that the dilution would be so thorough, that no one really would be able to basically measure anything. We haven’t found that to be the case. In fact, the radioactive nuclides have not dispersed according to some scientific studies very much at all. They stay in fingers, they stay in pockets.

But after three years the entire North Pacific is polluted with radioactive nuclides. And within the next three or four months, that the best guess, this entire ocean that has been polluted will impact, come up against the entire west coast from Vancouver and British Columbia all the way down to Baja California.

Now, there are several things to consider. We are not going to see instant death on the beach, although we are seeing dead animals and dead fish. What we are going to see is a radioactive ocean up against the coast of California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia for about the next ten years. This is given, this is a model, this is a guarantee.

How think it will be, how dense the concentration of radio nuclides will be, it will depend on the area that we are talking about. Some beaches we expect will measure very high, some beaches will measure very low. But on top of that you have a migration of radioactivity from the ocean onto the land.

Now, how does that happen? There are several ways. One is the waves action will push the radioactive nuclides up into the beach, on the sand, which is what Dave – the fellow who made that video – measured.

Then, the waves themselves will create aerosolized droplets – little, micro particulates we call ocean mist or the marine layer. They will come in land two, three, four, five miles.

Furthermore, all the weather systems that come into the western US and Canada are formed over the Pacific Ocean. Some of these nuclides are light enough to go up into the rain and come down. That’s why some of the snow, and you just talked about it in your preceding story, has measured double normal background in the state of Missouri, for example, and the mid-west.

These storms have gone up into Canada and then they hooked down because of the jetstream into the central portion of the US. And there they can be measured in terms of fallout precipitation, whether it’d be rain or snow.

The west coast has not had any rain, believe it or not, since October. We have been shutout. We are in an enormous drought. Every storm coming from Japan and Kamchatka, and the Koreas in that part of the western Pacific, which normally would move across the Pacific from west to east and then hit the continental US, North America…

This sounds really scary. Should people be selling off their beachfront property? Should they be avoiding the beach? Should they be avoiding seafood? And how dangerous of a situation is it? What should we do to protect ourselves? And what have the authorities done so far or what do we expect them to do?

Nothing, Angela. We expect them to do nothing. There is a cover-up going on here much like there is in Japan. That’s number one. Number two – no one should eat anything from the Pacific Ocean anymore. Period, end of story. This is coming from a lot of different scientists who are extremely concerned.

Should people sell their homes and run? No! But they should take normal precautions. N-95 facemasks, perhaps, maybe wanted in the future for some people in some areas. Indoor HEPA filters for homes are a very smart thing to do.

We want to make sure that our gardens are covered. Rain can carry, and I’ve measured it personally, double and triple background radiation levels in the rainwater. So, you want to cover your garden. If you are lucky enough to have a well, you’ll have clean water. This all has to be watched. We don’t know. We are speculating.

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