29 December 2013, 13:53

Deadly blast at railway station in Russia's Volgograd. LIVE UPDATES

Deadly blast at railway station in Russia's Volgograd. LIVE UPDATES

The death toll from an explosion at a train station in Russia's southern city Volgograd on Sunday continues to rise, with at over a dozen people killed and scores more injured in what officials said was likely an attack by a female suicide bomber. Police said that at least 18 people were killed and over 40 more injured by the blast that took place at 12:45 p.m. (8:45 a.m. GMT) in the Volgograd-1 train station.

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    The death toll in the Volgograd train station bombing has risen to 17, after one victim who was in critical condition died overnight, Interfax news agency reports, citing a local medical source.
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    The conditions of two victims of the terrorist act in Volggrad is extremely serious and prognosis about them is "complicated", Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova told journalists here on Monday. She visited Hospital 25 where 20 victims of the blast were brought. Three of them have died, and one was discharged from hospital.
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    A security service member who was on duty at the train station also died in the terror bombing, according to the Interior Ministry. It was earlier reported that a Volgograd policeman sacrificed his life shielding others from the deadly blast.
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    The 9-year-old girl who suffered in the terrorist act in Volgograd should not be taken to Moscow at present. Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova said that the girl is in grave condition and should be transported with a special flight.
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    An Emergency Ministry plane has delivered seven other patients, who suffered in the terrorist act at the railway station in Volgograd,to Moscow to be treated in Moscow hospitals.
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    One more Emergency Ministry plane flew from Moscow to Volgograd
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    The US State Department on Sunday condemned an attack by a suicide bomber at the main railway station in the southern Russian city of Volgograd. The United States condemned the attack "in the strongest terms," a statement issued by State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki.
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    Russian Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova arrived in Volgograd yesterday and immediately went to the city hospital where those who suffered as a result of the terrorist act at the railway station were taken. Skvortsova examines victims in № 25 hospital.
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    A criminal case concerning the terrorist act in Volgograd will be investigated by the Main Inquiry Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (SKRF), SKRF spokesmsn Vladimir Markin told Itar-Tass.
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    Relatives of victims of the terrorist attack in Volgograd will be settled in the hotel "Yuzhnaya"
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    Transport in Volgograd area is running normally now
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    Six victims of the attack will be delivered to Moscow - Health Ministry.
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    UN Security Council strongly condemns the terrorist attack in Volgograd.
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    Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin has arrived in Volgograd to coordinate the investigation of the terrorist act at the railway station.
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    The Russian Railways company will lend support to the victims of the terrorist act among the passengers and to the child of the employee who died.
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    The Investigative Committee is checking the story that the explosive device could have been activated by a man.
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    Thirty-seven victims of the terrorist act at the railway station still remain in Volgograd hospitals.
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    Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill has expressed condolences to the families of those who were killed by today’s explosion in Volgograd and called Russians to join forces to fight against terrorism.
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    Doctors have made a decision to send at least five victims of the terrorist act in Volgograd to Moscow hospitals.
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    Vice-Speaker of the Russian State Duma, leader of the United Russia faction Vladimir Vasiliev said today that the terrorist act in Volgograd will be the topic for discussion at the first meeting of the Duma’s spring session.
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    Minute of silence in remembrance of those killed in the terrorist attack announced tomorrow on all Russian railways
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    PACE President Jean-Claude Mignon firmly condemned terror act in Volgograd
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    "The policemen who had survived the attack said that they had seen a woman they found suspicious. After one of them made an attempt to approach her, the explosion occurred," a source in the law-enforcement bodies of the North Caucasus Federal District told Interfax.
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    The terror attack could have been carried out by two: a man and a woman. Law enforcements found a man's finger with a granade's joint pin on it.
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    Latest update puts Volgograd attack death toll at 16, including the suspected suicide attacker.
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    Bodies of 10 victims have been indentified - police.
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    Russian Railways (RZD) has denied reports that there had been train delays at the station in Volgograd that was rocked by a bombing on Sunday.
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    Woman sheltered her 9-year-old daughter from explosion, died instantly.
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    One more Emergency Ministry plane will be heading to Volgograd for transportaion of victims for medical treatment in Moscow.
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    The Voice of Russia's collage shows the famous monument in front of the railway station in Volgograd (previously known as Stalingrad) that survived the violent Battle of Stalingrad during WWII


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    High level of terrorist threat introduced in Volgograd Region for 15 days.
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    The killed police officer stopped the suicide bomber at the enterence and didn't let her enter the waiting room at the train station.

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    Doctors in one of Volgograd's hospitals have already carried out 14 operation to save the victims.
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    Five people died from carbon monoxide after the explosion at the train station.
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    Police identified the suicide bomber as a Dagestan national Oksana Aslanova. The woman received a special training alongside Naida Asiyalova, which carried out a similar attack in Volgograd in late October. Aslanova was the wife of a militant leader, which was eliminated by Russian security forces.


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    Police identified bodies of nine victims of the Volgograd explosion.
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    Unexploded grenade found on Volgograd bombing side and gets destroyed - investigative committee.
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    Volgograd in a major transportation hub in southern Russia, and this most likely explains why it has been a target of bombings on two occasions for the last few months, a law enforcement source in the North Caucasus Federal District said in comments on Sunday's suspected suicide attack in the city that claimed at least 15 lives.
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    Death toll has risen to 15 - police.
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    The US ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul extends his condolences to the victims.
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    Putin extends condolences to the blast victims and their families.
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    Putin ordered Interior Ministry to determine the causes of Volgograd terror attack, track down the organizers and bring them to justice.
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    An Emergencу Ministry plane arrived to transport blast victims to Moscow.
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    Health Ministry published a list of Volgograd blast victims.
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    Law enforcement services in the Dagestan republic in Russia's North Caucasus are checking all recent exits from the republic in a bid to identify the perpetrator of Sunday's presumed suicide bombing at a train station in Volgograd, Russia, and possible accomplices in it, a source said.
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    Volgograd train station will be able to start working not earlier than tomorrow's morning - authorities.
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    Police stepped up security measures all around Volgograd.
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    15 injured at Volgograd blast are in critical condition - Health Minitry.
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    A nine-year-old girl, who was injured at the explosion, will be sent to Moscow for treatment.
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    A severed head found on the site of Sunday's bombing at a train station in Volgograd is suspected to be that of the woman who carried out the presumed suicide attack, and this "will make it possible to identify her," a Volgograd law enforcement source told Interfax.
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    Volgograd female bomber may have come from Dagestan; Dagestani law enforcers checking information about everyone leaving its territory in last few days - Interfax.
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    Eight victims are in critical condition - Health Ministry.
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    Сhief psychiatrist of Russia's Health Ministry Zurab Kekelidze is heading to Volgograd to provide victims and their relatives with psychological assistance.
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    One police officer died and six others were injured at the suicide bomb attack in Volgograd.
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    Actions of police noticing suspicious woman near Volgograd railway station helped to save hundreds - Interior Ministry
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    Emergency Ministry plane with 22 medics and medical equipment being sent to Volgograd on Putin’s orders.
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    Volgograd rail bomb equivalent to 10 kg of TNT - source


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    At least 18 people were killed and dozens injured Sunday when a female suicide bomber blew herself up in a train station in the southern Russian city of Volgograd ahead of Olympic Games in nearby Sochi, regional officials said
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    Head of female suicide bomber who committed Volgograd railway station terrorist attack discovered - Interfax's source.
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    EU condemns terror act in Volgograd - head of EU delegation to Russia
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    Families of explosion victims in Volgograd will receive one million roubles (around $33 000).

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    Explosion in Voldograd killed 14, injured 27, including one child - investigative committee.


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    Security system at Volgograd railway station prevented suicide bomber from entering waiting room and thus averted greater casualties - police.
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    All compensation payments and allowances to fimilies of killed and injured in Volgograd blast will be paid within timeframe set by law - Government press service.
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    The region will go into mouning over blast victims on January 1-3 - Governor Bozhenov.
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    RZD railway company has announced that there will be no delays or any disruptions in railway traffic in relation to the terrorist act in Volgograd.
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    Dmitriy Medvedev ordered Interior Ministry and Health Ministry to render necessary assistance to the blast victims and transport the injured to Moscow.
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    Train station cordoned off by police, hundreds try to get information about the victims.
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    27 people were hospitalized after the explosion.
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    Putin ordered Interior Ministry to take all necessary measures to help the victims of Volgograd explosion.
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    Interior Ministry stepped up security measures at all railway stations around Russia.
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    City's mayor Irina Guseeva has arrived at the site.
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    Security measures are stepped up in neighboring regions - police.
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    Victims of Volgograd explosion will be transferred to Moscow.

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    Some 50 killed and wounded in terror act in Volgograd
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    Bomb at Volgograd railway station was reportedly activated by female suicide bomber. Video

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    Explosion in Volgograd qualified as terror act - investigative committee
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    At least 13 died in Volgograd terror act


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    An explosion hits a train station in the southern Russian city of Volgograd.


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