14 December 2013, 21:53

Soothsaying in snowbound Cairo: Egyptian prophet Joy Ayad makes forecasts for 2014

Soothsaying in snowbound Cairo: Egyptian prophet Joy Ayad makes forecasts for 2014

An unbelievable vision of a snowbound Cairo in late 2013 has come true. Now Cairo-based Egyptian astrologer and numerologist Joy Ayad is turning out other forecasts for her country and the rest of the world.

For the first time in decades, parts of northern Egypt including Cairo have found themselves smothered by snowfall. In the Sinai Peninsula, the snow is between 3 and 5 centimeters thick. Alexandria is under a state of emergency and its seaport is at a standstill. In Cairo, Friday's nighttime minimum and daytime maximum were at +3 and +7 Celsius, respectively, the city's lowest figures of their kind since records began more than 120 years ago.

For a country with an average wintertime air temperature of +18 this is quite an ordeal. People don't have warm clothes, and their homes don't have heating. Indeed, only air conditioning will normally be appropriate in the country's climate.


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The only Egyptian not taken aback by the unusual cold spell is astrologist and numerologist Joy Ayad, who predicted this snap. Her prophecy came in an interview with The Voice of Russia earlier this year.

Before turning to weather, Egypt's 'Queen of Soothsayers' prophesied the downfalls of Hosni Mubarak and Mohamed Morsi with astonishing accuracy.

Mrs Ayad was wearing a thick coat and a hat when our correspondent saw her in her Cairo office on Friday. 

Mrs Ayad, what's your feeling at the sight of a snowbound cityscape?

I'm feeling very well, but quite cold. In this, I am not different from any other Cairo citizen, she answers smiling. Indeed, snow-covered trees are not something you see every day in the Egyptian capital. But this is not Cairo's last snowfall this winter. There will be more, and with a vengeance. The entire city will turn white. This winter will bring unusual cold to many countries. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the Emirates, for instance, will suffer harsh cold snaps even before this year runs out.

In East Asia, 2014 will be The Year of the Horse. I call it The Year of a Speaking Heaven. It will be marked with momentous global change in both mundane and spiritual spheres. 


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Staying in the material world, can you assure us that not all change will be for the worse? Egypt has already had its fair share of trouble. 

I can assure everybody that the year 2014 will bring luck to many countries including Egypt. Two, zero, one and four add up to seven. And according to Torah, the Christian Bible and the Koran, seven is the number of perfection. I congratulate my people on The Year of the Seven. While the year 2013 has brought countless divorces, estrangements and separations, the year 2014 should bring a lot of marriages, get-togethers and meetings.

Seven is the number of triumph and victory. Interestingly, the common V sign is quite reminiscent of one of the old Arabic symbols of seven.

Seven is powerful. Sir Winston Churchill owed many of his successes to the magic of this number.

Egypt and Russia will become closer to each other in 2014. Both will score achievement, which will come after some tribulation.

For Lebanon, there is some trouble in my forecasts. The Lebanese must take care to avoid discord if they are to last out 2014 without suffering even worse strife than in 2013.

The United States is in for a string of natural calamities. What is worse, a nationwide split is on the horizon, which may mark the beginning of the end of the United States as we know it today. 


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And what can The Voice of Russia expect for itself in 2014? 

The Arabic for 'The Voice of Russia' has seven letters in it. This bodes well, spelling an at least 90-percent successful 2014 for your radio station. 

Turning after a pause to her country again, Mrs Ayad spoke about the presidential prospects of Egypt's Defense Minister Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Most Egyptians expect him to become head of state after elections to be held early next year. 'The Queen of Soothsayers', however, has different expectations: 

- Unlike other astrologers and unlike most Egyptian political analysts, I believe that Egypt's next President will be a man other than General el-Sisi. True, General el-Sisi is a high flyer with brilliant prospects ahead of him. But I just don't see him as Egypt's next President. We'll have a different man for a head of state. Unfortunately, I can't see him yet.

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