25 November 2013, 22:40

Figure Skating: 'I'll do everything to catch Lipnitskaia' - Carolina Kostner

Figure Skating: 'I'll do everything to catch Lipnitskaia' - Carolina Kostner

Russian figure skating prodigy Julia Lipnitskaia put in an erratic free program on Saturday but did enough to maintain her overnight lead and win the Cup of Russia, securing a place at next month's Grand Prix Finals in the process. Carolina Kostner, Italian leader, multiple European champion, 2012 world champion, one of the candidates to win gold in Sochi, shared her expectations on the coming days of the competitions in an exclusive interview with the Voice of Russia.

Congratulations on your skating today. It was by far better than the previous stage grand-prix event. Did you manage to go for the elements that you had planned?

Yes, I think. I haven’t seen myself. Actually the feeling was much better than in practice and it is coming together slowly. It is really funny because I’ve been doing this for more than 10 years and I’ve had a lot of successes and then you would think you would know how to do it. But every time it is the same, every time you start from zero and that is the difficult thing you have to go on the ice.

Are you surprised by Lipnitskaia score?

No, I think if she’s got a good program, I am sure she earned it.

Are you planning to change anything in the Olympic program?

It is a question that I haven’t thought about. I don’t know. I am concentrating on this competition and will take the decisions step by step.

It is not the secret that you are one of the contenders to stand on podium in Sochi. Do you feel some Olympic pressure or do you feel relaxed?

I don’t think that I am the only one. There is no guarantee, so I don’t spend much time thinking about it.

How do you like skating in Moscow? You won one Moscow grand-prix. It was about 2 years ago.

Yes, I have actually won 2 World medals here in Moscow and it is a big pleasure. I remember 2005, it was almost 10 years ago when I competed and it is amazing how much time went by and I am still healthy, I still love what I do. I live each time really big emotions. That is very special, it is not just about the winning.

5 points between you and Lipnitskaia. How confident are you about being able to catch up tomorrow?

I don’t know. I just try to do my best and we will see.

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