19 November 2013, 10:44

Women deal with harassment on World Toilet Day- India

Women deal with harassment on World Toilet Day- India

The United Nations has deemed today to be World Toilet Day but still in the slums of Bawana, a town in India, the most essential sanitation facilities are not available. To worsen the situation, females have to use community toilets and battle through constant harassment near public toilets.

Politicians in the past such as Union Minister Jairam Ramesh have pushed for more toilets to be brought in for the community to use. Even though every person needs a toilet to use, the majority of residents live without one in their dwelling in Bawana JJ Colony. Instead, they are forced to make use of community toilets. In total, there is just one toilet for every 300 residents.

A young woman by the name of Afsana said that men often gather outside the toiled complex and tease or stare at them. "Men often gather around toilets and if we ignore them they try to touch and feel us. Community toilets also often have open roofs throwing privacy to the wind. Windows inside these toilets are often so low that women feel unsafe while using them," Afsana said.

"Our toilets have low windows. Drug addicts who roam around freely in the complex often tried to tease us," said another resident Zahida. Bindeshwar Pathak, the founding owner of Sulabh International has given millions of people in India access to sanitation facilities, according to what was told to CNN-IBN. Yet, India is said to be the first country in the whole world to have a toilet, dating back to 2500 BC. However in the here and now, toilets are not accessible for over half of India’s population.

Voice of Russia, Ibnlive.in.com

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