18 November 2013, 20:30

American “war on terror” goes to Germany

American “war on terror” goes to Germany

US intelligence agents can perform arrests at German airports. So, if you’re one of a million people cited on American No Fly, Selectee and the Terror Watchlist, then you should better not even try to use Germany even as a transit point of your trip.

Due to diplomatic immunity more than 50 agents from Homeland Security, the Secret Service and immigration and transportation services work alongside the CIA and NSA in Germany. And these people decide your fate, not German customs. They decide who can board planes, which containers are loaded onto cargo ships—sometimes they even make arrests, apparently.

Airport workers say, they got no idea who’s cited on these lists and it’s also unclear to them how many passengers are prevented from boarding planes on account of these lists.

As Süddeutsche Zeitung reports, there was a case of an Estonian citizen, Aleksandr S., who was on a connector flight through Frankfurt. The young man was considered a hacker byUS intelligence and was immediately arrested at the scene even without a warrant. As the news outlet says, this practice became frequent in Frankfurt Airport.

Homeland Security has access to home addresses, email addresses, and credit card numbers of all air passengers. And all this data may be saved for 15 years as well as people’s phone numbers.

The intelligence agencies share this information among themselves. And also give it to NSA.

Aleksandr S. never had his vacations in Bali, and now he’s on another seven-year-long trip in one of Ohio’s prison. Nor Estonian or German police prevented his extradition.

German authorities and lawmakers claim that “legal relations between the two countries are unbalanced”, but still American intelligence encamps itself in Germany while the other one hasn’t receive its place inside the US airports.



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