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Anonymous will always support Jeremy Hammond - Anonymous

Anonymous will always support Jeremy Hammond - Anonymous
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The government transparency website WikiLeaks has recently released part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, this is a document that will affect over 800,000 million people. However it is being passed without the knowledge of their prospective governments, nor of the people who will be affected by it. Another event that has had reverberations throughout the internet was the November 15th sentencing of former LULSEC and Anonymous Hacktivist, Jeremy Hammond, to 10 years in prison for being entrapped in an FBI hack of the Stratfor e-mail files. The Voice of Russia spoke to a Hacktivist of the Anonymous Hacktivist Collective on these issues and more.

Robles: Hello, how are you this afternoon.

Anon: I’m doing fine. Yourself?

Robles: I’m very well. Thanks for agreeing to speak with us. Regarding some latest developments in cyberspace and legalese released by Wikileaks, can you give us updates on your opinions and what Anonymous is doing? First off with regard to this TPP, and what is that?

Anon: The TPP is the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement that actually affects about 80 percent of all global trade. It affects the taxes and trade stipulations on everything from your current everyday household items all the way to, more importantly for the Internet’s point of view, to media copyright patents.

Touching briefly on what it is doing to medicine, its actually making it so that pharmaceutical companies will be able to double dip on their patents. They will be able to take a drug like Lipitor and then come back and say: “you know what we can all see that Lipitor can cure headaches. And get a fresh patent on Lipitor just based on it being used for something else”.

And it is basically Hollywood’s wish list of things, its SOPA, its PIPA, its CISPA in disguise is what it is.

Robles: But its SOPA, its PIPA and CISPA with a total global reach isn’t it?

Anon: Yes that is pretty accurate. And most surprising is Australia which has really been the hypocrite here. On one face they are telling the consumers they are all off their copyright protection prima sharing and all that. And then when they close doors they are partnering with the US to strip Australian citizens of all those rights.

Robles: How can you comment on the fact that, as I understand, there are 12 countries, according to Wikileaks, there are only 3 people in each country with full knowledge of the full text of this agreement? And then Wikileaks says this will affect 800 million people, right, and that this has been pushed through by corporate America where there are about 600 corporate lawyers who are involved in drafting this thing, and Obama is trying to push it through. As a member of Anonymous, how is Anonymous going to react to this, it seems like the takeover of America by corporations?

Anon: There is I would guess if you look back at OP RIA or the operations that we did after Jeremy Hammond and things of that nature. That would probably in the vein of the direction we would have had if necessarily drew attention. We also of course have the so called Internet tax symbol from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. That includes partners for the Wikipedia Foundation for sites like Reddit and even heavyweights like Google you know I could see an internet blackout definitely being in the future to draw more attention to this.

I would say that it affects a lot more than 800 million people especially with how it impacts the ability to share on the Internet. And Anonymous is all about free speech especially on the Internet. That has always been our main monitoring filter is that is our free and open Internet. And the TPP would basically censor free and open Internet by imposing unreasonable copyright restrictions and redefining what Fair Use is basically bypassing the DMCA provisions and safe harbor provisions. And then sites like Youtube would not even be able to exist if the current form the current draft were passed.

Robles: Are you aware, does Anonymous have the full text of this agreement?

Anon: Just for the I P chapter.

Robles: Oh, just the IP part. Are you aware, is that out there somewhere, do you know?

Anon: You know I believe Laura Poitras has it and I believe Glenn Greenwald might have it. Other than I think Wikileaks is holding this one to themselves.

Robles: I see, I see. You mentioned some operations, I remember when they were trying to pass SOPA that Wikipedia shut down, remember that?

Anon: The Internet blackout. It was not actually just Wikipedia. It was actually over 15 hundred websites including quite a few big ones. 

Robles: Do you see something like that in the near future, or not yet?

Anon: I actually do see that in the future. The EFF was actually talking on one of their forums. They were having a talk about activating with what would have been dubbed the Internet cat symbol.

It is like that old bat it is a cat symbol. They will start copy pasting and then action gets taken. And they have actually made it into a module now where you can have it permanently installed on your website. And you can activate it and your website will automatically be changed to conform to whatever is necessary. Whether that that would be a banner on top for information, or a complete black out of your page if you have the code and you have allowed it to run it could automatically be updated across the entire Internet in one fell swoop.

Robles: I see, and that’s the … I actually have a link to that – to the Internet Defense League - on my site. What’s the address for listeners, the address of the Internet Defense League, if you could for the listeners?

Anon: I actually do not know the URL but I will find it for you. Internet Defense League dot Org.

Robles: Are there any other places that our listeners can go to besides Wikipedia, I mean Wikileaks, and the Internet Defense League to find out more information on this TPP?

Anon: The best source that I have actually found lately for information on it is the Politics and World News sub Reddits from the site Redit dot com.

Robles: And what about Anonymous, where can people go for information on Anonymous? I know it is always changing, but what is the best place?

Anon: We do not really have an actual operation rolling other than chatter in IRC and the average person throwing up in a pop in to our IRC rooms any time soon. But the EFF has a good write up on it too at EFF dot org. But there are quite a few people that are covering it, but obviously you want to stay away from the Government molded versions, FDR dot Gov things of that nature. They are actually ranking high if you Google search for the lot of plugs for media that is controlled by the US Government.

Robles: What about the Million Mask March, can you tell us your opinion of the success of it; do you think it was a success? And how many people actually took part in your opinion, of course the official figures are going to minimise any possible numbers.

Anon: We had some great turnout especially in cities like Amsterdam and London. I would have liked to have seen more turnout especially in cities in the United States. Personally I think the lower turnout in some of the United States cities was due to being all the factionary relation of it

and there were some states where there were 6, 7, 8 different cities hosting a Million Mask March, so only 10, 20, 30 or 40 people showed up in each one. And we personally think regional gatherings would have been a little more effective for a punch.

There was also obviously, I do not know if you have heard this, there was a media blackout in America about the Million Mask March and as a result this Saturday we are actually leading another operation, a march against mass media and that one is going to be taking place in about 150 to 170 cities so far that they are confirmed to sign on. And we are basically going to be going up to the television stations, to the radio stations. Protesting and picketing in front of them.

Robles: You will avoid the Voice of Russia I hope?

Anon: Yes. No we are not going to hit you guys, and the people, your listeners can find more information about that are MAMSM dot info, it is March Against Mainstream Media Dot info. MAMSM.info

Robles: MAMSM dot info? And that’s coming up on what date, I’m sorry.

Anon: On Saturday the 16th

Robles: Right, that’s Saturday the 16th, so that’s tomorrow? Can you tell me what is Anonymous doing right now about Jeremy Hammond, and how is that going – has he been sentenced yet?

Anon: I don’t believe he has actually been sentenced … I know Anonymous obviously stands behind

Robles: What is Anonymous going to do if he gets a really hard sentence?

Anon: As it is he is facing maybe 10 years, is what the Prosecution is actually looking for. We do not believe that he is going to get anything near that, obviously, but if he does I can see having goals going throughout the Internet reverberating throughout the Internet that is what is going to happen. Obviously he was in charge of LULSEC and Anti-SEC and he was a figurehead for a lot of the people who were in it simply for the LULZ. There are a lot of members of Anonymous who are just there for the LULZ of it.

Robles: Is Anonymous doing anything or are you aware of any activities about or against Sabu?

Anon: He has kind of dropped beneath the radar. Obviously we have never forgotten about him, I mean who could? But I do not even currently know his whereabouts. I know he went into protection and has fairly pretty disappeared off the radar as far as I know, and was talking about doing something about him about 6 months ago and now.

Robles: I heard he is still active and he’s still not doing any time, and he hasn’t been incarcerated, even though he should be, but as far as I know do you think it is possible he is still active somehow under a different name or something?

Anon: I believe that he might, or he might actually be still going under his name, there are a lot of copycats that are using his name, and you never know one of those could be not a copycat.

Robles: Oh my God, OK. Back to, if we could, to the Trans Pacific Agreement. Now in what ways exactly, if you can, you’ve studied in … in what ways exactly will this restrict the common rights of people, and why, double question here, why is Obama and the corporations, why are they trying to shove this through on the fast track?

Anon: Well, as you may know, in American the money is really the track for politics, and the second day is the oil industry out there is going to be the Hollywood industry. Hollywood has been trying to shove SOPA or anything they want to name it down our throats for about 10 years now, and TPP, a good chunk of it is related to intellectual property law, especially as it applies to copyrights, especially as it applies to file sharing. They want to make it so that file sharing in fact would be considered the same offence as transporting physical stolen media across their national borders, making it a serious crime.

Robles: Now in the United States, however, cyber-crimes are prosecuted I think to a higher degree than real crimes, for example with Jeremy Hammond, if he had driven a car through Stratfor’s front doors and stolen all these files he would have got like 6 months and community service or something but since he did that through a computer they wanted to give him hundreds of years at first: 35 year to life.

Anon: It is just like the DDoS attacks. Anonymous believes, most of Anonymous believes, just like DFS and a lot of political journalists informed of the matter believe that a DDoS attack is really nothing more than the digital equivalent of sit in, we are not even hurting anything. It is like going to a website and pressing the F5 of the refresh button a million times a second all we are doing is clogging up the lines, we are not hurting anything.

Robles: I agree 100%. You don’t damage anything. It might go down for a little while, but then it comes back up, right?

Anon: Well, it is about sending a message. It is about getting awareness out there.

Robles: What do you think about the extreme insane punishments that the US Government wants to get to make people pay, and the price they want to make them pay for a DDoS attack? Why would they want to make it something that warrants 35 years or 10 years?

Anon: It is because Jeremy Hammond did the same thing that Barrett Brown did. He hit a nerve with the private defense and private intelligence agencies, the so-called shadow CIAs like Stratfor, and it is just like when Snowden came out with all of his leaks. Everybody already knew that Booz Allen Hamilton was dirty, in fact Anonymous had previously hacked in Google list, Anonymous hacked Booz Allen Hamilton years before Snowden leaked things, and in our press release about it. I think we say that Booz Allen Hamilton was involved in illegal widespread mass surveillance on behalf of the U S Government.

It did make a bigger splash when Snowden came out because he had the documents to prove it obviously

Robles: Well we all suspected, I always suspected that Microsoft was a … that there was some back door, it must be in Windows or something that would allow them to spy on the planet every time you boot up, I don’t know. I’ve always suspected that they were listening on Skype and everything, but having this come out as an in your face fact I think shocked a lot of people?

Anon: Actually Windows N T 4 had a known back door. There was actually a variable called NSA key that allowed the NSA to subvert any Windows users security

Robles: Really!

Anon: Yes. And that made a splash in like 2004 but it did not really make that big of a splash. It did not really go viral.

Robles: Look, can we talk about … do you have other information like that?

Anon: Well. I am a store of information, you know.

Robles: That’s very interesting to hear, can you tell us any other reasons why people might not trust the Windows platform?

Anon: Well it is not just Windows it is Microsoft. For example Microsoft bought out Skype and handed the keys over to the NSA. But they did not even really have to that. Before Skype was even purchased by Microsoft Skype was actually involved in what was called the Project Chess, a top secret operation to allow, to allow them to basically split off their data and give the NSA a shadow copy without anyone being able to tell in real time.

Robles: Wow. Skype was at beginning was supposed to be a peer to peer, so there was not supposed to be any server involved in the middle or in the loop. How did they get away with that?

Anon: Well they basically perform a complicated version of what is called a man in the middle attack. They insert their presence in between the 2 computers that are talking to each other, and that is also how they are subverting the privacy and the encryption of Google for example.


That was the end of part 1 of the interview. More to come

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