15 November 2013, 15:45

CIA concealed the truth

CIA concealed the truth

The House Select Committee on Assassinations established in 1976 was on the right path to find out who really killed President Kennedy but the CIA pressed to prevent further investigation, states David Talbot, American progressive journalist and writer. In an exclusive interview with “Voice of Russia” the author of bestselling book “Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years” revealed who assassinated Kennedy.

So which theory of the assassination of JFK do you personally support, which do you consider most plausible and why? Or maybe you have got your own version of what happened in 1963 in Dallas?

I think it has become quite clear by now - fifty years later - that President Kennedy was the victim of high-level plot, conspiracy within his own government. The Kennedy presidency split apart over the issue of the Cold War. And Kennedy, who was very concerned about the possibility of a nuclear war with the Soviet Union, was determined to end the Cold War in partnership with Premiere Khrushchev. And in fact after the terrible events in Dallas when President Kennedy was killed, his own brother, Robert Kennedy, who was the Attorney General of the United States and the presidents widow, Jacqueline Kennedy, both sent a friend of the family named William Walton to Moscow to tell Premiere Khrushchev and the Kremlin that they did not blame the Russians. They even knew there was a propaganda campaign in the United States sponsored by the CIA to connect the alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald to the Communists. Despite that the Kennedies believed that the conspiracy that took the life of President Kennedy was actually a domestic US conspiracy involving the CIA and organized crime. And I believe that Robert Kennedy, who was the top law official in the country at the time, was correct in his suspicions.

So you don't support the official theory that Oswald was the lone assassin, do you?

No. The official theory originally developed by the Warren Commission was a cover-up. And it was the intention of the Warren Commission all along - it was not to get at the truth. They said so themselves: Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Earl Warren who was appointed by President Johnson to lead the Commission, he even told the staff investigators this when he first met with them - their job was not to get at the truth but to contain the truth, to cover it up because they felt that the truth might be too explosive. That’s what the Commission did. It covered it up, it found a convenient scapegoat – Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald never took credit like most assassins who proudly killed the head of a state - they are proud about it and declare it to the world, it's their great moment. But Lee Harvey Oswald never claimed credit, he in fact denied it till the end of his life. He said he was a patsy, a fall guy, a scapegoat. And that's what I believe he was.

Why was the US House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations established only in 1976, 13 years after Kennedy’s murder? Was it somehow connected with President Ford’s activities against the CIA and the FBI and the Church committee investigation on the CIA? What do you think?

I think there was a process of the truth actually starting to come out in America 10-15 years after the assassination of President Kennedy. And that was a result of a crisis in the US political system because of the Vietnam War, because of the Watergate scandal during President Richard Nixon’s administration. And because of this political crisis the system itself began to crack open and the truth started to leak out. President Ford and his administration put together a commission under his vice-president Nelson Rockefeller to begin to look into some of the CIA scandals. That was allegedly a cover-up as well. But then under Senator Frank Church the following year more truth began to come out. And, finally, because there was so much public and political pressure to get to the truth about the CIA scandals and the possible connection of the CIA and organized crime to President Kennedy's assassination, a congressional committee the House Select Committee on Assassinations was established. They delivered their report in 1979 and that was a shocking report. Most people in America, not to mention across the world are not aware of this report. But that report by the Committee of Congress in 1979 overturned the official version of the JFK assassination, the Warren Commission. It said that President Kennedy was killed as a result of a conspiracy. Unfortunately, because of the CIA opposition to the Committee, because of the media cowardice and congressional cowardice the Committee was not allowed to finish its work, to complete its investigation. But they were clearly on the right path, they were looking into the CIA and organized crime. And of course the CIA and the mafia had come together, as we now know, to kill Fidel Castro in the early 60's. The CIA and the mafia operated at a varied list of operations all around the world. And I believe - and I think that the Committee believed this, at least some of the investigators that were getting at the truth - that the killing operation involving the CIA and the mafia was brought home to the United States to kill our own president, John Kennedy.

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